2008 Favourite Metal Detecting Finds

Victorian Broach - Minus stones
Victorian Broach - Minus stones

2008 has been a pretty good year for me Metal Detecting.

I have definately paid for both of my metal detectors with some of the Metal Detecting finds I have made this year.

I have found quite a few rings, both Gold and Silver, all of which I have found Beach Metal Detecting in Perth Western Australia.

The best ring would have to be a beautiful nine diamond gold ring which I found at a Perth Beach… I found this out of pure luck, a lady had lost her Medi Alert Bracelet and she asked me to search for it for her, on the way to the location, I was wading in some water, with my Excallibur as I waited for her down the beach and bammo! I found the best ring so far!

I also had some fantastic luck on one day finding myself over $250 in coins in a 20 square metre area on a beach also, all of these coins were washed in that area by the tide, and the coins varied in years, and were not placed there by one person, they would have belonged to hundreds of people. It’s amazing how the tide washes and drops coins and rings in certain areas of a beach.

I have also had some great finds metal detecting at the local old ghost town, no buildings exsist there anymore, but I found the remains of an old road, bricks, burnt patches of soil, brken pieces of bottles and so forth.

I found around 80 old Australian Pre-Decimal coins, a nice gold Heart shaped locket, plenty of other interesting relics, even some nice old vintage number plates.

Its been a great year, my next tool of the trade I am saving for is a Quad Bike, which will enable me to access potential metal detecting areas more easier.

The photos you can see here on this post are some of my favourite 2008 finds!

I am really looking forward to 2009, I am going to have much more time on my hands to get out and metal detect other areas.

Over $250 Cash and Jewellery - One Days Finds
Over $250 Cash and Jewellery - One Days Finds
9 Diamond Mens Gold Ring
9 Diamond Mens Gold Ring
Art Deco Style Gold Pendant
Art Deco Style Gold Pendant

Here are some of my other favourite metal detecting finds for 2008

Beware of Snakes when Metal Detecting


It’s the time of year again when snakes are more active and start to appear in and around the Plant and


If you see a snake in these areas, leave it alone and report it to the Environment Department. If it

doesn’t move away and is seen as a danger to others, Environmental Staff will capture and relocate it.

While the majority of snakebites occur as a result of careless behaviour on the part of humans, people

can get bitten if they surprise a snake or attempt to attack or catch it. Contrary to popular belief, snakes

are particularly active at night and care should be taken when walking along paths and through the

bush at night (this includes that short cut to the mess).

Some tips to avoid being bitten

ü Watch where you are walking, especially at night when snakes come out to feed. Using a torch

or sticking to well-lit walkways should help you to avoid an encounter with a snake;

ü Watch where you put your hands, (wear gloves), when working on equipment or machinery.

Snakes have been known to get into some unusual and unexpected places; and

ü Wear sturdy footwear and long trousers whenever possible as over 70% of snakebite injuries

occur to the lower limbs.

If you do encounter a snake, try to remain as still as possible (easier said than done for some

people). Snakes have very poor vision and any sudden movement may startle them and cause them to

strike, so back away slowly.


· Puncture marks (normally 2) or scratches may be present. In some cases the bite may be painless

and without any visible marks (rare).

· Headache, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, blurred or double vision, and breathing difficulty

which could lead to respiratory failure


· Apply a Pressure Immobilisation Bandage as soon as possible. Starting from the bite site wrap

down to the fingers or toes, and then up the limb as far as possible. The bandage should be as tight

as you would strap a sprained ankle.

· Advise the medical centre of the incident and your location. They will come to you.

· DO NOT walk, as this may speed up the absorption of the venom into the body

· DO NOT use an arterial tourniquet.

· DO NOT cut, incise or suck the wound, and

· DO NOT wash the wound. Venom that is present on the skin will be used to identify the offending

snake and thereby enabling hospital staff to administer the correct anti-venom.

Probably best to carry your mobile phone with you, and a Snake Bite Kit and be up to date on your first aid!

Shedded Snake Skin I found 2 Metres Plus!
Shedded Snake Skin I found 2 Metres Plus!

Beautiful Beach Glass

Well, over the last week I have been busy tumbling glass with my Lortone Tumbler which I use to clean coins, jewellery, gold and silver rings.

I am really impressed with the “Beach Sea Glass Effect” which the continuous tumbling has resulted in.

I have two tumblers, both Lortone, one is a Single Barrel Tumbler and the other is a Twin Barrel tumbler, I bought the single one off ebay and the double barrel from Aussie Sapphires and the Grit I am using for the beach glass effect is Silicone Carbide Course Grind

Here is the results from a weeks continuous tumbling.

Tumbled Glass - Beach Effect
Tumbled Glass - Beach Effect

Bottle Dump Reveals Treasures!

Click on the image to see what they are!
Click on the image to see what they are!

Well not exactly Treasure, but the other day I found this old bottle dump and I decided to dig around with my shovel to find some old bottles.

Much to my delight the first shovel load of soil revealed a nice Australian Penny, then a few more shovel loads later, another Penny as well as a few old bottles.

It was getting late in the day, around 6pm, but luckily it is daylight saving here, and still had another couple hours of daylight left, so I decided to go back home around 10kms away to get my Shermator Sifter

Anyhow, I came back excited, hoping to find more and I did find more, quite a bit of stuff actually, not just coins, but a nice toy horse, a Australian CWA Badge ( Country Womens Association ), some old roofing nails, an old aluminum clothes peg, 27 old australian coins, pennys, a shilling, two three pence coins, a six pence coin, as well as some 1 and 2 cent coins, a couple sets of earrings,  some old marbles, three necklace charms, an old fish fork and some nice old belt buckles.

It took me around 6 hours over two days to get this little haul, not really worth much in value, but just the fact of finding the stuff without using my metal detector is great fun and every few shovel loads always revealed a nice little surprise.

My favourite would be the toy horse.

Anyhow, finding all this stuff in one little dump gives me some encouragement to use the Shermantor more when come across old bottle dumps!

You can see all my Metal Detecting Finds Photos or see each individual photo of exactly what I found at the Old Bottle Dump

Old Western Australian Numberplates

It’s amazing what you find when it comes to Metal Detecting out bush. So far in the last couple of months I have found 3 old vintage Western Australian Numberplates with my E-Trac Metal Detecting while coinshooting

The number plates below are pretty old, especially the two Wagin Numberplates….. nice addition to my Metal Detecting Finds Catalogue!

Vintage Bunbury Numberplate BY 177 - Western Australia
Vintage Bunbury Numberplate BY 177 - Western Australia
Vintage Wagin Numberplate W 17 - Wagin - Western Australia
Vintage Wagin Numberplate W 17 - Wagin - Western Australia
Vintage Wagin Numberplate W 61 - Wagin - Western Australia
Vintage Wagin Numberplate W 61 - Wagin - Western Australia
Also been pretty busy uploading photos of my Old Australian Bottles so far I have around 240 photos of my bottles in the gallery, I still have another 100 or so photos to upload, plus plenty more photos to take of other bottles and jars I have found.
Not only that but I have found some new old Bottle Dumps around town, so I need to find the time to go out to those places and dig them up, most of which the bottles are laying just under the surface, so digging them should be no problems, just a bit worried about digging up deadly snakes laying under the leaf litter.
I also joined a great Antique Australian Bottles website, BottleGuide.com.au last night, it costs $33 per year and is definately well worth the money, the information they provide on all Antque Australian Bottles and Jars is amazing! I have found quite a few of my bottles on the site, not surprised to see that alot of my bottles are not worth that much, but still I am not dissapointed in finding out that!
Well it has been raining cats and dogs here, the soil is very wet, which is great news for my Metal Detecting Adventures, so tomorrow I am definately off out bush to do some metal detecting.

More Old Australian Bottles Found

Latest Old Australian and Foreign Bottles
Latest Old Australian and Foreign Bottles


Well I have been really busy lately, not metal detecting, but hunting for old bottles around the district I live in!

Unfortunately I have not had any time to go Metal Detecting because I have been renovating my house, but plan to get back out as soon as possible, probably tomorrow.

I am also hoping to catch up with some Western Australian Metal Detecting Enthusiasts in Perth this weekend, a guy Victor contacted me through this site and he runs a Western Australian metal Detecting Club and this weekend he is going Water and beach Detecting due to the low tide this Sunday… so definately that is on the cards for this weekend, as well as hopefully doing some Christmas shopping.

Anyhow, currently I am uploading around 160 more photos of my latest aquisistions from bottle hunting.

Also My Girlfriend Natalie’s dog To-To had the Grass Seeds successfully removed… see the pic below of the grass seeds removed.

Grass Seeds Removed from Toto's Ear!
Grass Seeds Removed from Toto

Old Ghost Town Water Well Found

A around a week ago I found myself an old Water Well at the local ghost town near Dumbleyung in Western Australia.

It is deep, around 20 feet to where the water is, and the water depth is an amzing 11 Metres Deep.

I know it would have some very old bottles down the bottom, without climbing down there … which I am tempted to do, but risk drowning or possible suffocation from possible CO2 poisoning or something else, the water is dark, murky and very smelly and has thousands of Mosquitos not to mention plenty of spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Last night I went back to the well with weighted rope, a torch and my camera … as I say the depth of the water is 11 Metres Deep! So thats just too dangerous and stupid to even think about going down there.

The depth is alot deeper than what I though, I did think that the water below may have just been a few feet, maybe 6 feet at the most, but not 11 Metres. Thats quiet amazing.

If it was shallow I would have definately gone down there to retrieve what old goodies may be down there, most likely very old bottles, old cutlery, etc

I am however going to detect around it also, as there is obvious signs of previous buildings around the well and an old road, so I will update the blog when I do a search of the area.

Also as you can see in the pic below, I took my girlfriends Dog To-To out with me, worst mistake I made, he got a Grass Seed in his ear, and now he is at the Vet for the night going under general anethesetic to get the grass seed out … that trip will likely cost me $300 for taking the damn dog out with me!

Would also like to apologise to any readers for an absense of writing for a while, I have been busy painting my house, renovating, and working on my beautiful garden.

I have not detected for a week or so and I am aching to get back out.

Nippering Well - Dumbleyung
Nippering Well - Dumbleyung
Nippering Well - Dumbleyung
Nippering Well - Dumbleyung
Nippering Well - Dumbleyung
Nippering Well - Dumbleyung
Me and To-To
Me and To-To

Interesting and Unknown Metal Detecting Finds

A few days ago I went out the bush and did a bit of metal detecting around and found quite a few nice finds and some finds I can’t really identify.

I have uploaded a heap of photos from that days finds at my Metal Detecting Finds Gallery

I found around seven old Australian Pennys more old Brass Belt Buckles and much more.

Here is a few of the Metal Detecting finds I am having trouble trying to find out what they are.

Unknown Copper Item
Unknown Copper Item
Old Suspender Belt Buckles?
Old Suspender Belt Buckles?
Unknown Art Deco Style Badge (1920's)
Unknown Art Deco Style Badge (1920Unknown Copper Plate
And here is a couple pics of some Old Toy Gun remnants I found
Old Ned Kelly Toy Gun Remains
Old Ned Kelly Toy Gun RemainsOld Toy Gun Remains

My Old Australian Bottle & Jar Collection

Not only do I enjoy Metal Detecting, but I love finding old bottles out the bush around old abandoned bottle dumps. I remember as a small boy smashing beautiful old bottles to bits with my mates, and these bottles we smashed were beautiful old “useless” bottles, they were even beautiful back then when I was a boy. Beautiful blue bottles, purple bottles, green bottles, many different coloured bottles.

Little did I know back then how much those bottles would be worth these days! One of the old bottle dumps is only a five minute walk from where I live, that was a place I distinctly remember smashing hundreds of beautiful bottles. We smashed every bottle that was on the surface! Grrr! I wish I had not of … but then again, if me and my mates did not do it, then some other kids would have.

I wish I had of buried them now.

Anyhow I have uploaded around 150 photos of my bottle collection, with still hundreds to go and plenty of spots around my town where I know there are heaps of old bottles laying around. Check out my Old Australian Bottles

Here are a few photos of my favourite bottles that I have recently found.

Unknown Old Beer Bottle
Unknown Old Beer Bottle


Old Holbrook & Co Sauce Bottle
Old Holbrook & Co Sauce Bottle
VC Greatheads Mixture Bottle - Victoria Cross Medal Stamped on Bottle
VC Greatheads Mixture Bottle - Victoria Cross Medal Stamped on Bottle
Old Pick Ax Brand Beer Bottle
Old Pick Ax Brand Beer Bottle