Jen’s Lost Ring and Necklace

Found! Jen's Wedding Ring and Necklace
Found! Jen


A few weeks ago I received an email from Jen in Sydney – New South Wales, she lost her necklace and her Mum’s giftsake of a precious wedding ring whilst swimming, she thought I could help her find her ring, but did not realise I was on the other side of Australia… but luckily I had contacts!

Here is her story with a happy ending … glad I was involved just a little bit Jen!

A couple of weeks ago I went for a late swim at the beach with my husband and son. When I got down there I realised I was still wearing a necklace that held my mum’s wedding ring from the 1950’s and a letter ‘H’ for my son.


As I was taking the necklace off, my son ran off into the water so I must have dropped the necklace on our towels and ran after him. It wasn’t until the next morning as I was getting ready for work that I realised my necklace – with my mum’s wedding ring!! – was missing.

I had completely forgotten about it when we grabbed our towels and left the beach. My husband and I went straight to the beach (we live in a fairly quiet area and not many people are around on the beach) confident we would find the necklace. We searched for around 40 minutes without luck and could see where we were sitting the night before was right on the tide line – I feared that my necklace had been washed out to sea. We went back down again that night and searched for another hour – still no necklace. I was devastated. Not knowing what to do next, I Google’d “lost wedding ring” and came up with Billy’s metal detecting website.

I emailed him about my dilemma and, being in NSW, asked him whether he knew of anyway offering the same service in Sydney. He referred me to Brad at

I emailed Brad straight away and by 1pm the next day, Brad was at the beach and searching for my ring. I was at work so was unable to be with Brad to give him the right directions but with a bit of help from Google maps and a phone call to confirm the exact spot, Brad was off on his search. Five minutes later I remembered that we had also walked up the beach so I rang Brad to tell him to search back towards the road as well. He answered the phone with “I was just about to call you” – he had found my necklace! I couldn’t believe it. Who’d have thought that over two days later, Brad was able to bring back such a prized possession. Everyone at my work was following the escapades and celebrated with me when the news of the great find came in.  I couldn’t thank Brad enough and was so glad that I didn’t give up on finding my necklace and the ring.


Read Brads Story here:


Future Jobs

Just writing this to let vistors and people who have lost jewellery in the Western Australian area that I have a few possible Jewellery Recovery Jobs coming up in the very near future as follows:

Possible Future Metal Detecting Jobs

Job 1: Find a Lost Wedding Ring lost by Lady riding a racehorse on a training track in the Peel Area.

Job 2. Find a Diamond and Platinum Claw lost by a Lady gardening in the Nedlands Area.

Book Me Now … Remember I don’t charge a fee, my services are based on a Reward If Found Service … what would you reward someone if they found it for you?

Quite Times and Busy Times

Well, I have been a bit slack for the last few weeks keeping my blog up to date … sorry about that and I really do feel guilty about it! But I have an excuse!

I have been very busy over the last month getting a new shed erected at my place, and getting my shed organised has been very overwhelming … I bought the shed so I could make myself a workshop and also to store my Beaut Ute in safely without it sitting out in the open in the elements.

Well at the moment my shed is a Shit Fight! Crap everywhere and I am trying to sort it out and sorting out old clothes for the Salvation Army for them to give to the Victorian Fire Disaster families and survivors.

Thats my excuse! I have done a couple of Metal Detecting jobs over the last couple weeks, unfortunately the searches proved unsuccessful.

I tried to find a lost ring at Scarborough Beach, Jared is the owner and he is offering a $1000 reward, he has even been on the News asking for help in retrieving it. Read more: $1000 Reward Lost Ring Scarborough Beach

I also tried to find a lost ring for Eugene in the Hillarys / Sorrento Beach areas, he lost his White Gold wedding ring in chest deep water, a few weeks ago.

I snorkelled for around 5 hours with my Excalibur Metal Detector searching for Eugenes ring, in 5 hours all I found was $2, and a couple of aluminum been cans, so I was really dissapointed not to find Eugenes ring.

Especially knowing Eugene was only in Western Australia for a few weeks working with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL

So if any Western Australian Metal Detectorists have been metal detecting in the Hillarys / Sorrento area and you have found a white gold wedding band, please contact me and I will point you in the Eugenes direction.

Also had another possible metal detecting search, a girl lost her boyfriends Valentines Day gift – a ring at South Beach near Fremantle, wanted me to help her find the ring.

Then a few days down the track, she told me “oh well, it wasn’t that special anyway, I’ll just get another one.

WHAT! A ring is not special? Especially a Valentines Day gift.

I think she was afraid that I was expecting a huge reward to find it for her…. no I am not after huge rewards, I am happy to to find the ring and give you the reward of having you ring back!

Anyway, sorry the blog has been quite, I have not even had much time to do my own personal treasure hunting trips out bush… hope too soon but!

Currently Metal Detecting in the Perth Metro Area!

Have You Lost Your Ring or Precious Jewellery?

Just a quick note I am currently in Perth until Monday 23 Feb 2009 to carry out some Lost Ring Metal Detecting Recovery searches at Sorrento Beach, South Beach, Fremantle Beach and a couple of parks so if you need my Perth and Western Australian Lost Jewellery Recovery Services to help you find your lost treasures this weekend, please contact me on 0429 641 788 or  to help retrieve your lost treasures.

Remember, I do not charge anything, my Lost Rings and Jewellery Retrieval services are based on a Reward Only Basis.

You can’t beat that for kindness.


Perth Metal Detecting Hire

Perth - The Worlds Most Isolated City!
Perth - The Worlds Most Isolated City!

Just to let any visitors know that I will be in Perth from Monday 9th of February to approximately Friday 13th February 2009 to do some Metal Detecting mainly on the beach.

So if you have lost any Jewellery or Rings recently at any Perth Beaches, Swan River, Parks, Playgrounds or at your home in the garden, please get in quick and book me to hopefully find your Lost Jewellery

Unfortunately I have not been able to carry out any Metal Detecting client searches for the last couple of weeks due to my house undergoing some home renovations and my new shed being built!

Finally I have a decent workshop!

Cottesloe Beach - Western Australia - Have you lost your jewellery here?
Cottesloe Beach - Western Australia - Have you lost your jewellery here? Helps Find Lost Ring and Necklace in NSW

If you don’t know My Metal Detecting and Lost Jewellery Recovery Service is based in Western Australia, and the other day I received a desperate email from a girl named Jen who resides on the other side of Australia in Sydney New South Wales.

Jen told me that she lost her Necklace and a Ring on a Beach in Sydney and asked if I could help find it for her with my metal detector.

Unfortunately I had to say no … cause I am 4000 kilometres away from her 😉

But I had a plan up my sleeve! I have a friend in Sydney Brad who offers the same service as I do … finding peoples lost jewellery with the use of a Metal Detector, Brad’s website is Metal Detector Hire 

I pointed Jen to Brad and she contacted Brad and here is the story!

I received an email from Jen stating she had lost a silver necklace with a wedding ring attached to it. And sadly, it was her mother’s wedding ring that had been lost. Jen beleived she had lost the wedding ring and necklace in the sand at Stanwell Park beach.

Jen desperately attempted to find the lost valuables herself without any success. I mentioned to Jen I would be more than happy to look for her ring/necklace, but unfortunately Jen was unable to make it down to Stanwell Park to show me where she thought her Ring & Bracelet we’re lost due to work commitments. 

I asked Jen to goto Google Maps, and plot on the map where she beleives she lost the items. Jen quickly emailed me the treasure map, and off I went down the south coast. 

The $100 Call Out Fee was not an issue for Jen, as she was desperate to retrieve her mother’s wedding ring.  After studying the map Jen had emailed to me, I found the spot where she had been sitting. I setup a search perimeter, and began the hunt.

Much to my suprise (and Jens) I found the ring/bracelet within about 5 minutes of searching. About a minute later I received a phone call from Jen. She was calling to give me more information on where the ring/bracelet could be…when I interupted her to give her the good news. As you can imagine, Jen was more than estatic.

The chances of finding an item so small, plotted on a google satellite image are very slim, but luck was with us on this day 🙂 And thank you kindly Jen for such a generous reward.

See the photos of the Lost Ring and Necklace

Well done Brad for finding Jens lost jewellery!

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring – Sydney Beach – $500 Reward!

I got a phone call today from Andrew in Sydney, he asked me if I know of anyone in Sydney who may be able to help find his Platinum Wedding Band he lost at a calm water spot at a Sydney beach in approximately 1.5 metres of water.

I do know the Suburb where the beach is located where Andrew lost his ring, but do not wish to reveal the beach name due to someone finding the ring and keeping it.

Basically Andrew is hoping someone from the Sydney area may be able to help retrieve the Platinum Wedding Ring for him and if successful the ring finder will get a $500 reward.

If interested call Andrew in Sydney at 0449896726 or email:
Lost:      Men’s Platinum Wedding band
When: Sunday 1st Feb 2009
Where: Ask Andrew. Ring lost In about 1.5 metres of water.
Reward : $500