10 Horseshoes and the Lost $10,000 Ring

If you are a reader of this Metal Detecting Blog, you may remember around a week ago I wrote about 10 Horseshoes and 6 hours later and no $10,000 Ring!

Well in that post I wrote about how I searched for 6 hours on a race horse training track (around 8000 square metres plus) for a girls lost $10,000 engagement ring.

The first search was very difficult, very tiring and most of all very frustrating, because the search area was massive and in my opinion I would have had more success on finding a needle in a haystack!

The track was boggy, around 50cm deep with thick beach type sand, and the sand was quite mineralised which would give off fake readings and I had no success finding the lost ring.

 A few days ago I drove 250kms to the place again to do another search, once again confident I would find the ring. Again I searched for hours, around 3 hours this time, I met the girl again and I asked her to show me where she walked, rode and where she believed she had lost her ring.

Anyhow to cut a long story short, like I said 3 tiring hours later, I was searching for the ring, digging up nails, and horseshoes when her fiance came up to me and said …

Stop Search, your not going to believe it, I found the ring just then on the porch when I was sweeping!

I was struck for words, a little peed off, but glad the ring was found.

This story is a prime example of if you would like to book me for a search, that you need to be certain exactly where you lost your jewellery.

All up I drove 1000kms from my hometown to search for this ring, only for it to be found right outside their doorway.

I am glad Tara found her ring, and I appreciate the fuel fee I was given.

Frustation is one of the things that comes with my job! But nethertheless it is something I like to avoid.

Gold Ring Found Scarborough – Engraved Gary

Garys' Lost Gold Ring - Found Scarborough Beach
Garys’ Lost Gold Ring – Found Scarborough Beach

Hey Gary, I found your ring!

I found this ring a while back just before Summer started when I was testing out my new E-Trac Minelab Metal Detector at Scarborough Beach in Western Australia.
I don’t think the ring was in the water for that long, because there was not any grit stuck to the ring, but I would most likely it was in the water for about a year.
Its a nice ring, around 9 Carats, who ever Gary is, he must have thought that it was lost forever, maybe he will see this post, if you do Gary, I have your ring, but if you want it back, you will need to prove to me that it is yours mate.

In the Perth – Mandurah – Pinjarra areas this weekend

Just to let any visitors know that I will am currently in the Perth and Mandurah / Pinjarra / Peel Districts from Friday 13th March to approximately to Sunday 15th March 2009 to do a few Metal Detecting Jobs and hopefully to retrieve a lost $10,000 Engagement Ring I could not find the other day.

So if you have lost any Jewellery or Rings recently at any Mandurah or Perth Beaches, Swan River, Parks, Playgrounds or at your home in the garden, please get in quick and book me to hopefully find your Lost Jewellery – Remember I do not charge an hourly fee.

My service is based only a “reward if found service”, If I don’t find it, then you dont have to pay!

Call me on 0429 641 788 or email me to arrange a booking.

If I can’t help you, I have contacts who will help you!


Search for lost White Gold earring proves fruitless!

The otherday while I was in the Perth area, I attended a job to help find Nikki’s lost White Gold earring which fell out of her ear on her parents front lawn as she was hugging friends goodbye after celebrating her 21st Birthday, the earrings were a special 21st birthday present from her parents.

Anyhow when I arrived a met Nikki and her parents and asked if I could have the other matching earring to do a test with my metal detector so I could get a good tone and be familar with what sound and tone it would make as my metal detector sweeped above it.

So she gave me the other half and blow me down, there was no sound at all! I thought maybe my E-Trac is playing tricks on me, so I grabbed my Minelad Excalibur and once again, no sound! I was confused and not happy!

I also felt quite embarrassed about it, and so did her parents, because they thought maybe the earring was some cheap piece of junk and they had been ripped off by the jeweller!

So I regrettably had to say I could not help on this job, due to the metal detectors not being able to pick up the earring.

I was very disappointed because it was frustrating, knowing that in previous beach searches, my metal detector happily picks up signals for rust nails, fish hooks, bobby pins and even other earrings.

I spoke to my good friend Chris Turner from LostJewellery.com today and he said that he has also had the same problem with white gold earrings and other earring searches.

That made me feel a bit more comfortable knowing he too has had the same problem, but I would have preferred to have found Nikki’s lost earring.

$5000 Reward – Lost White Gold Tennis Bracelet – Did you find it?

I got a frantic phonecall a couple nights ago from a girl who lost her White Gold Tennis Bracelet at either Melville Fresh or at Garden City shopping centre in Perth Western Australia.

It is a sad story, her bracelet was a gift from her mother and obviously she is devastated and desperate to have her bracelet back.

I told her that there is no way I can help her, because she lost it at a supermarket / shopping centre and I also told her that it is likely that either a cashier found it and dishonestly kept it (pocketed it) or a customer found it and once again kept it for themselves which is a sad scenario.

Anyhow she is hoping someone may have found it, and may be either honest enough to hand it in the the local police, or shopping centre lost and found, or may feel guilty about taking it and do the same.

Anyhow, as mentioned above, she is offering a whopping $5000 reward to get back her lost bracelet.


10 Horseshoes and 6 hours later and no $10,000 Ring!

Well as mentioned in my previous post I was in the Mandurah, Pinjarra and Peel area last week on a job to find a retrieve a girls lost engagement ring which is worth a cool $10,000.

So obviously the girl is quite keen on me helping her to find it.

Tara told me she before she jumped on her horse to train it, she placed her engagement ring in her jean pocket, thinking that it would be more safer in her pocket than on her finger, she remembers taking out her packet of cigarettes from the same pocket her ring was in, so there are two possibilities.

1. When she removed her cigarettes from her pockets, somehow the ring was dragged out with the packet of smokes and it dropped on the ground without her know or

2. When she rode her horse around her horse training track, somehow, most likely due to the horse running, the ring wiggled its way out of her pocket and fell onto the track.

So I put myself to task to try and find Tara’s ring, and I knew it would be like finding a needle in a haystack, because the horse training track is 800 Metres long (round), the track is approximately 10 metres wide and the terrain of the track is like deep beach sand, just above ankle deep.

It is sandy and boggy because obviously this type of terrain would be perfect for training horses, it would make them very fit (have you jogged in beach sand before – you get what I mean then – it’s bloody hard and great exercise)

It was a bloody hot day and I arrived at Tara’s place around 12pm Noon.

I wont beat around the bush, and as I say in the title, 10 horseshoes later and 6 hours later, thats all I found, bloody horseshoes!

Come 6pm I was exhausted, very hot, sunburnt, I had blisters on my elbow from swinging the coil at least a couple thousand times and I decided I would have to throw the towel in for the day.

I also had to drive 250kms to my hometown, and did not want to fall asleep at the wheel.

I told Tara I had no luck, obviously she was disapointed, but I reassurred her I will be back, to resume my search for her lost ring.

So most likely this Friday I will return and hopefully find Tara’s lost engagement ring.

Pretty sure I wont find any more horseshoes, as I reckon I cleaned up her track pretty good.

I arrived back to my homeplace at around 9.30pm, exhausted, with a headache, dirty, tired with 40kms of fuel left in my tank, I was glad to get home, have a shower, check my emails and hit the sack!

I will post some photos of her track next time I go there, so you can see what the terrain is like – boggy!

Currently in Perth Metro Area and Mandurah Area

Old Mandurah Bridge
Old Mandurah Bridge

Just to let any visitors know that I will am currently in the Perth and Mandurah / Pinjarra / Peel Districts from Tuesday 3rd March to approximately to Wednseday 4th March 2009 to do a few Metal Detecting Jobs.

So if you have lost any Jewellery or Rings recently at any Mandurah or Perth Beaches, Swan River, Parks, Playgrounds or at your home in the garden, please get in quick and book me to hopefully find your Lost Jewellery – Remember I do not charge an hourly fee.

My service is based only a “reward if found service”, If I don’t find it, then you dont have to pay!

Call me on 0429 641 788


Never throw apples out the window with a ring on your finger!

Chris Turner is one of my great friends, he lives in Vancouver Canada and he like me he specializes in finding Lost rings and Jewellery Recovery with the aid of his trusty Metal Detectors.

Chris has been a great help and inspiration for me in helping me with setting up this website, with advice, hints, tips and so much more.

Chris rang me from Canada yesterday and told me of his awsome and funny story on how he find a guys ring who lost his ring, when he threw out an apple core from his moving vehicle.

Here is his video on finding the ring

You can see Chris’s other Metal Detecting Ring and Jewellery Search Videos

Lost In Snow is my favourite.

Are you 110% Certain you lost your Ring or Jewellery where you say you lost it?

One of the things I need to know when I get a phone call from someone who lost their ring, jewellery, wallet, money, car keys etc is are you 110% certain you lost it in the area when you say you lost it?

There is nothing worse when we go to and do a Lost Jewellery Recovery Search when we have asked the person they are completely certain they lost it in that area.

On one occasion I drove 50 kilometres to do a client search after they told me where they lost it and they were completely positive it was lost in that exact spot.

I got there, search for about 3 hours, and could not find it, then the person says, oh maybe I have it at home somewhere, I’ll go home and search for it there, they get home and they find it in their beach bag.

That can be very frustrating, especially when we don’t charge an hourly rate, our services are based only on a reward if found, so our generosity plays a big part.

So please before you contact us, please make sure that you are 110% certain, where you say you lost you treasure, is where you lost it.