Today’s Old Church Finds using my E-Trac Metal Detector

Todays E-Trac Metal Detecting Finds from a Churchyard
Todays E-Trac Metal Detecting Finds from a Churchyard

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I went shopping today at a town around 100 kilometres from my hometown  and also went to visit my Mum who is currently residing at a nursing home.

On the way back, I decided that I would go and visit this old Church which located  in the middle of nowhere, it is just a Church around 20 kilometres from my town.

I have been there before Metal Detecting, but I had no luck, also because there were a lot of mosquitos and I took my girlfriend and Mum at the time and they just did not want to hang around, so it was a bit of a rush job.

Anyhow, today I was by myself, so I had plenty of time, at least an hour or two before it got dark. So I detected in the same areas as before, and this time I had some great luck.

Using my Minelab E-Trac Metal Detector, I found 4 Silver Three Pence Coins, one of which I dropped and will have to go back at a later date to find again. Thats the most silver coins I have found in a day, so I am really happy about that.

I also found an Australian Penny, which looks to be damaged from the highly salinity affected soil (Soil Salinity is a major problem in Western Australia)

I also found a couple of 10 Cent Coins, which had been in the ground for quite a while, but finding modern day coins is nothing to show off about, unless you find a hidden stash of them.

And I also found the usual junk.

I am glad I went back to the church for another try, gives me some confidence to go back there again in the near future to try my luck again.

I know of plenty of other Churches around the district which are in the middle of nowhere, so I can’t wait to test my luck on them as well.

Finding the silver coins also gives me the opportunity to give them a clean using my Coin Cleaning Electrolysis Method

Before – After Photo – Cleaning a Silver Ring using Electrolysis

The Silver Ring after Electrolysis Cleaning
The Silver Ring after Electrolysis Cleaning

The other day I wrote a post on finding a Silver Ring ( <- original post) which had been in a Lake with extremely high Salinity and I promised that I would give the ring a good clean and post some before and after photos.

Well I have finally got my act together and taken the photo of the ring after being cleaned.

I mentioned in the original post that I would give the Tumbling machine a workout via cleaning the ring, well I tried that, and it took too long, so I decided that I would clean the ring using my favourite method, and that is the Electrolysis Method.

It is extremely risky when using this method to clean coins, I would not recommend you clean old copper coins with this method, as I have ruined a few by doing it. However it is perfect for cleaning Silver Rings and Silver Coins, basically anything silver, but it is to be used at your own risk.

Silver Ring - Before and After Cleaning using Electrolsis
Silver Ring - Before and After Cleaning using Electrolsis

To get your silver coins and rings nice and clean, basically this is what I use:

    • 12 Volt Car Battery Charger
    • 2 Table Spoons of Salt
    • 2 Cups of hot or cold water
    • Few squirts or squeezes of lemon juice
    • 1 old stainless steel teaspoon (you will never use it again)

1.Place the tablespoons of Salt in a glass or ceramic dish

2. Pour the hot or cold water over the Salt in the dish

3. Ensuring the Battery Recharger is Turned Off attach the Negative Alligator Clip to the Coin or the Ring, place in the water, emmersing all of the ring or the coin.

4. Ensuring the Battery Recharger is Turned Off attach the Positive Alligator Clip to the Stainless Steel Spoon, place the spoon in the water, ensuring that neither of the Alligator Clips touch the opposite clip, or that the ring does not touch the spoon. Dangerous Sparkies!

5. Turn the power on, and then the water surrounding coin or the ring will start bubbling or foaming, there is no real time limit, sometimes it is quick and sometimes it takes a while, however you will notice alot of dirt and grit coming off the coin or the ring and the water will turn a dark brown colour.

6. When your ready, turn the power off and examine the ring or the coin, wash under some water and clean with your fingers or a soft toothbrush under the running water, and then start over again when ready, by adding new water and bicarbonate soda.

7. You will also notice that sometimes your Stainless Steel spoon will actually dissolve, that’s normal, so make sure you use a spoon that you are not attached to.

8. Give the coins or ring a good clean after using a soft polishing clother and some Silvo, or Goddards Cleaning Cream or another good Silver Cleaning product.

Start of the Electrolsyis Cleaning of the Silver Ring
Start of the Electrolsyis Cleaning of the Silver Ring
End of the Electrolsyis Cleaning of the Silver Ring
End of the Electrolsyis Cleaning of the Silver Ring

The Lost Treasure Metal Detecting Photo Gallery

Just writing this to let visitors know that I do have a Metal Detecting Photo Gallery which is open for anyone to view my recent finds.

It is also there for other Metal Detectorists to show off the Metal Detecting Finds as well, so feel free to check it out and upload your metal detecting photos! You will need to register to upload photos, which is free.

I am currently uploading some recent finds and other stuff, nothing too special, but it is a great way to categorise all my metal detecting finds.

Me - Billy with a Gold Ring I found Metal Detecting
Me - Billy with a Gold Ring I found Metal Detecting

Received My Metal Detector Super Magnet

My Metal Detector Super Magnet - Tomahawk Axe
My Metal Detector Super Magnet - Tomahawk Axe

The other day wrote how just I bought a Metal Detector Super Magnet off ebay. Well I received it in the mail and yes it is pretty powerful.

I honestly don’t know what I am going to use it for, I’ll never use it Metal Detecting. In any case it only cost me $6

Here it is in action

My Metal Detector Super Magnet - Hammer
My Metal Detector Super Magnet - Hammer

ANZAC Day Poem – The Bloody Day Before

The Bloody Day Before

The bloody day before, those diggers had dreams just like you and I

Dreams of a golden future, dreams of their families and dreams to see their kindred children grow up upon their eye.

“You Country Needs You so Volunteer now!” The men were told.

Fight for King and Country, and Volunteer, that they did, because they were proud and bloody bold.

Men and even boys, willing to let sacrifice, all their living joys.

So here I sit on this lonely beach called Anzac Cove, where 81 years to the day, our men had done us proud.

I feel the pebbles beneath my feet, the water laps softly on the shore.

So crystal clear the water now, where once it was red from war.

Here I remember, Our Grandfathers, Fathers, sons and brothers.

They came here with a dream, a dream of returning home with a rapid victory.

To celebrate their win with a Sunday roasted chicken, cooked by loving mothers and seated with their fathers, sisters and their awestruck brothers

It was 1am, and the ANZACs mustered on the ships decks.

Sounds of shuffling boots and Soldiers muttered cursing quotes, as the men slipped upon the ships ropen ladders, towards the wooden boats.

The Sailors lined the decks, for the ANZACS in the boats below

They offered silent farewells and cheers as they circle waved their sailors caps, for the anxious men in tow.

Dawn was nearing, it was dark, it was cold, and the sailors’ oars broke awful silence as boats rowed through the ocean water.

I wonder what the soldiers thought, as they gazed upon the moons reflection, dancing on the water.

The boats moved silently towards the unseen shoreline, pulling the men towards their fate and uncertain destiny.

Fifteen Hundred ANZACS, were ready, they had waited long enough, tired of being ocean soldiers …. Training on the sea.

Some men joked, some men prayed and some men said nothing, but most of them thought of their beloved distant homeland.

Peaceful countries, Australia and New Zealand.

Silent thoughts, friendly handshakes and good luck pats of mateship upon their sturdy backs.

Good luck my friend, I’ll see you there, and it wont be long till we’re back at home, drinking homemade beer at your Uncle Jacks.

And we’ll be swimming out the lake, with the missus and the kids, just like what we did, on Boxing Day last year.

These men and boys held so tight to lucky charms and kissed their tattered photos of sweethearts, loved and missed so dear.

Bullets cracked towards them and frantic orders were suddenly revived.

For those ANZAC Soldiers their baptism of fire finally had arrived.

Their rifles, oiled and cleaned, bayonets fixed ready for the charge.

Come on boys, lets do our country proud … screamed the Army Sarge!

The ANZACS leapt from boats for the first advance.

Some drowned amongst the panic, most didn’t have a chance.

Some fell so soon, and never touched the water.

Only Just the day before those fallen diggers, laughed and joked and smoked tobacco, they had dreams, just like you and I.

Of the ANZACs who made it ashore, they were blind, they knew not where to go.

But still they fought like heroes as they fought for the tomorrow.

They were the ANZACs, and they are our history.

And because of them, they are our today.

The ANZACs grew old, and now they are gone to another place, to meet their old mates, and to talk about that Bloody Day Before.

So we shall never forget, what they did for us.

They have done us proud and they have become part of our countries folklore.

We should never forget our ANZACs, how brave they were, to risk and sacrifice their lives.

Today we look up to them with utmost respect and pride.

As we remember them. Some of us may shed some tears of sorrow,

Because for the ANZACs, without them, there’d be no bloody tomorrow.

In 1996, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Gallipoli on ANZAC Day, it was a very special occasion and on that day, a day I will remember always, I was inspired.

As I sat on the shores where Australian and New Zealand Soldiers landed, I was inspired to write that poem about the ANZAC Soldiers

Poem written by Billy Sherman in 1996 at ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli.

Metal Detecting Withdrawal Symptoms Fixed! Silver Ring Found!

Rusty Ring? No - It is Silver and Silver does not Rust! Before after Photos Coming Soon!
Rusty Ring? No - It is Silver and Silver does not Rust! Before after Photos Coming Soon!

Over the last week I have not had any time to go out Metal Detecting, due to the Easter Holidays and spending time with my family, so yesterday it was time for me to go out bush to go and find some stuff before I went crazy as I was seriously having withdrawal symptoms!

Winter is not too far away and the days are getting shorter, so I left around 4pm with a couple of hours to spare until darkness, I decided that I would go out to my towns local Lake, Lake Dumbleyung and to some hunting for possible lost rings!

Anyhow I arrived there, covered myself in some insect repellant, because the flies are really bad out there and off I went.

A friend of mine Tony from Sydney Metal Detector Services gave me a few metal detecting tips for when searching in salt water and very mineralized conditions. I have a Minelab Etrac Metal Detector and I set the detector into the settings he gave me and off I went.

The section of the Lake I went to is the old Water Ski Club, at the moment the Lake is near on dry, but very muddy around 50 metres from the shoreline.   I just basically detected around the ski boat ramp area and where people would swim when the Lake is full of water. I found the usual lot of pull tabs, and then a old silver coin, I think it is an Australian Six Pence, so obviously that coin had been sitting in the water for over 40 years.

Then I got my self I nice tone, and dug around, the soil was like brick hard clay, and after around 10 minutes of digging around, I found myself a ring!

I have attached the photos of the Ring, I think it is a Silver Ring, as you can see, the ring is very tarnished, which is to be expected with a Silver Ring laying in Salty conditions for a long period of time. And the same goes with the Silver Six Pence I found.

I also went for a bit of a walk on the salty flats, I was amazed to find a beautiful old glass coca cola bottle just laying half buried on the Lake, so I presume that bottle had been there for at least 25 to 30 years or more, it is obviously a bit weather worn, but other wise in excellent condition, no cracks no chips.

I love finding Old Bottles, that is another hobbie of mine. See my Old Bottle Collection

The Old Australian Glass Coca Cola Bottle I found on the Lake bed
The Old Australian Glass Coca Cola Bottle I found on the Lake bed

As I mentioned above and you can see in the photos I have attached, both the Silver Ring and the Silver Six Pence are very tarnished, so much so, that you would not know they are silver.

So I have decided to do another Coin Cleaning and Silver Ring Cleaning experiment.

Currently I have both the coin and the ring, soaking in an ice cream container, which I covered the bottom with some foil, placed the ring and the coin on top of the foil, then put around 4 big table spoons of Bicarbonate Soda on top of the ring and the coin. Then I covered the ring and the coin in about 2 litres of boiling hot water.

I will let that soak for 24 hours, then I am going to clean them up in my Lortone Tumbler using some very fine tumbling grit and watch the tumbling very closely so I do not do any damage to the ring and especially the coin, which could be of value.

My Lortone Coin - Rock and Jewellery Tumblers
My Lortone Coin - Rock and Jewellery Tumblers

So I will keep you up to date and post some before and after cleaning photos of the Silver Coin and Silver Ring.

Anyhow, It was great to get out for a couple of hours yesterday, there is nothing better that going metal detecting, it always clears the mind and makes you feel great.

Tarnished Silver Sixpence - You can just see King Edward VII's head! Before - After Cleaning Pics coming soon!
Tarnished Silver Sixpence - You can just see King Edward VII's head! Before - After Cleaning Pics coming soon!

David. W. de Havelland – GOLD & GHOSTS – Worth its weight in Gold!

David. W. de Havelland - GOLD & GHOSTS - Worth its weight in Gold!
David. W. de Havelland - GOLD & GHOSTS - Worth its weight in Gold!

I have heard so many good storys about this Gold Prospecting Book written by D. W. de Havelland.

Gold and Ghosts comes in a collection four volumes, each volume gives a detailed history of Gold Prospecting throughout Australia and each volume offers a propectors guide to detailed areas, they also include detailed maps, historical and photos and much more information in regards to Gold Prospecting in areas through out Australia.

The volume of four books were published over a period of 4 years by Hesperian Press from 1985 to 1989 and written by the well regarded Australian author David. W. de Havelland.

These books are no longer in print and they are so sought after by Australian Gold Prospectors that if you had 2 ounces of australian gold nuggets , you still would not have enough to buy all four books.

That’s how rare and collectable they are.

About Gold and Ghosts

Volume 1. A prospectors guide to metal detecting and history of the West Australian Goldfields

Volume 2. A prospectors guide to metal detecting and history of the West Australian Goldfields

Volume 3. A prospectors guide to metal detecting and history of the Australian Goldfields. Queensland Central & Southern Districts

Volume 4. – A Prospectors Guide to Metal Detecting and History of the Australian Goldfields


Andy Sabisch - The Minelab Explorer & E-Trac Handbook
Andy Sabisch - The Minelab Explorer & E-Trac Handbook

I was referred by a friend recently to read a metal detecting book by well regarded treasure hunter Andy Sabisch and I decided that I would purchase the book called The Minelab Explorer & E-Trac Handbook.

So I am really looking forward to the book arriving in my mailbox, it should provide an interesting read, and anything that can help me hone my metal detecting skills will only be of benefit to myself when search for lost treasures, rings and coins.

My Minelab E-Trac is a great machine, but I really need to learn more about it, especially when searching for coins, rings and jewellery in very salty conditions, such as my local Lake and other Lakes in the area where people use for water skiing, swimming and much more.

So when I get the book, I will write a bit of a review for others to view.

Metal Detecting Finds Display and Storage Cases and Coin Display Cases

Tool Compartment Organiser - Simple way of storing your Metal Detecting Finds - Coins - Jewellery & Rings
Tool Compartment Organiser - Simple way of storing your Metal Detecting Finds - Coins - Jewellery & Rings

There is nothing better than finding a nice gold, platinum or silver ring, or an old coin, or an old piece of jewelry when your out metal detecting on the beach or out bush, you might spend a few hours detecting, and find something that you would really like to share with your friends.

But where do you store all your small metal detecting finds? In a shoe box? Or maybe an old wooden box or even an old ammunition box, or even an Old Treasure Chest

I like to store all my old coins, rings and jewellery which I find on my hunts in a simple “Craftright” Tool Compartment Organiser, which I bought at Bunnings in Perth, I have 4 of them, I think they cost me around $20 each and does the job for me perfectly.

It is nothing fancy, but does the job of a place to store the old pennys and coins and rings I find, and I do have alot of coins which I have found, a couple thousand or two, both pre-decimal and modern day.

I am one of those people who keeps just about everything I find, even modern day currency, maybe one day all the one dollar and two dollar coins I find will buy me a new top of the range Minelab Gold Metal Detector


There are plenty of choices for Coin and Jewellery Storage Boxes at Bunnings or other hardware shops  which you can get for a very cheap price of under $30.

Or if you have a valuable collection, maybe you should invest in a good fireproof safe, I have seen excellent safes where you can get them actually put underneath the floor of your house, hidden under the carpet in a secret location, a great place to store your valuables.

And for the antique and relics you find, the larger items you could always shoe them off to your mates and family by using a nice Glass Display Cabinet similar to the display cabinets you see at antique shops.

Have a look at Bunnings next time your there or any of the many Hardware stores around your local town and find yourself something to store all your Metal Detecting Finds.

Tool Compartment Organiser - Simple way of storing your Metal Detecting Finds - Coins - Jewellery & Rings
Tool Compartment Organiser - Simple way of storing your Metal Detecting Finds - Coins - Jewellery & Rings

Wanted – Western Australian Metal Detectorists!

Are you a Metal Detectorist based in Western Australia? I am looking for any semi-experienced Metal Detectorists located in the Perth and Metro area who can do Lost Jewellery recovery jobs for me when I am just too busy to do them myself.

I only want people who will be willing to do “Reward Only” jobs, that is you do the job and if the Ring or Jewellery is found, then you get a reward, not from me, but from the owner of the Lost Jewellery. If you don’t find the jewellery, then the owner is not cvommitted to give you anything.

So I don’t want someone who wants to “Charge By The Hour”

It is also up to you, if you wish to charge a fuel cover charge.

I wont make anything from this.

If your interested in maybe earning a few bucks, contact me

I have a couple of Jobs now, but I just can’t do them due to other committments.