Metal Detecting – Been a bit quite lately writing


Just writing this to inform any readyers that I have been a bit quite lately writing … why? Well at the moment I have so much going on, my girlfriend and I are in the process of buying a small business, so that has kept me flat out.

I also own a great Australian Ute Website and that site keeps me absolutely flat out. I am just starting to do a bit of signwriting for stickers and decals, my online ute shop is full of heaps of stuff I sell to my dedicated members of over 7000 people.

So feel free to check it out. I also own another 5 or 6 websites which keep me busy, Blue People which is for people suffering from Depression and Mental Illness, a Rural Australian Classifieds website and some other ones.

But don’t despair I have still been doing a bit of Metal Detecting, I just have not found the time to photograph my finds, something I will endeavour to do next week when I return from a trip to Perth.

In the meantime, I’d like to show you a few of the old houses I have been metal detecting around over the last few weeks.

Soon, I will be going through all my photos of Old Australian Homesteads and listing them in my Hunting Sites Gallery

Amanda’s Lost Rings Found!

Amanda's Lost Silver Black Opal Ring - Found at Hillarys Beach
Amanda's Lost Silver Black Opal Ring - Found at Hillarys Beach

Around two weeks ago I received a frantic phonecall from a girl by the name of Amanda who told me she lost two rings at Hillarys Beach just North of Perth. She asked me if there was any chance I could help her.

I said that by chance I was on my way up to Perth that day for a few days and I would be able to do a search for her.

I know Hillarys Beach pretty well as I had been there previously many times in search for another persons lost wedding ring, but the search for that ring has been fruitless … but I never give up and I always look for it when visiting Perth.

Amanda was pretty upset, because one of the rings was a gift to her Mother from her father, so it carried an enormous amount of sentimental value to her.

She described the place where she thought that she had lost it, and I knew roughly where to search.

around two days later I found the time to head down to Hillarys Beach, and within a few minutes I had found the first ring, a nice silver ring, with what looks to be a black opal or another precious stone inside it. So I was really happy to have found the first ring. And now the search was on for the next ring.

A few days before I went to Hillarys a big storm front came through and the water was washing directly over the spot where Amanda had lost her rings, so I was thinking maybe it had moved away from the spot, or another Metal Detectorist had found it.

She actually lost both her rings next to a wire fence, so I knew that the wire would be interferring with my metal detector, so I decided to get the shovel out and start digging all the top sand away from the fence, and then wave my detecting over the beach sand with I threw in an area behind me, and low and behold, that worked, I waved the detector over, got a nice 12.09 reading with my Minelab E-trac and found it! So I was really happy.

Amanda's Lost Gold and Diamond Ring - Found at Hillarys Beach
Amanda's Lost Gold and Diamond Ring - Found at Hillarys Beach

Amanda works away on the mines, she is a geologist, so a couple days later when I got back home, I decided to ring Amanda and tell her the good news.


She was estatic, screaming out with joy and relief! I felt great also, knowing that I am going to reunite Amanda with her lost rings. She has learnt a lesson, don’t wear your rings to the beach, and a few other things that I told her and she told me!

I am meeting up with Amanda this week, to reunite her with her rings, she told me the reward and that made my day, very generous, so thank you Amanda for calling me!