Swan River Metal Detecting Finds

Swan River Metal Detecting Finds
Swan River Metal Detecting Finds

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I was in Perth on the weekend just gone, and decided to do some metal detecting around the Swan River area, so I decided that I would head down to the Garrett Road Bridge where there is a nice picnic area which is popular with families, swimmers and kayakers and canoers.

I thought it would be a perfect spot to find some old coins, rings and other lost treasures.

It proved to be a great metal detecting spot, and I found plenty of coins, too many lead fishing sinkers, a long lost Avon Descent Medallion and a nice silver love hearts charm bracelet and a few other things.

As I have mentioned in my previous metal detecting stories, I really like to find old dog id tags (K9 Dogs that is) and I found one of those as well.

Sheeba's Lost Dog Tag
Sheeba's Lost Dog Tag

It had a phone number on the tag, as well as the dogs name which is “Sheeba” so I decided to give the owner a call, and she was very surprised that I had found it. She told me that it fell off Sheeba, around 4 years ago, whilst on a walk along the river bank. I was happy to hear that Sheeba is still alive and well, she is now 11 years old. But starting to slow down due to old age.

1999 Avon Descent Competitors Medallion - Found Near Garrett Road Bridge - Bayswater
1999 Avon Descent Competitors Medallion - Found Near Garrett Road Bridge - Bayswater

So here is exactly what I found near the Swan River Metal Detecting:

  1. 1999 Avon Descent Competitors Medallion – Found Near Garrett Road Bridge – Bayswater – Front
  2. 1999 Avon Descent Competitors Medallion – Found Near Garrett Road Bridge – Bayswater – Reverse
  3. Extremely Corroded 1919 Australian Penny
  4. 1964 Australian Penny
  5. Sheeba’s the Dogs’ – Dog ID  Tag
  6. Very Corroded Australian Half Penny (Date Unknown)
  7. Junk Brass Pendant
  8. 1946 Australian Shilling
  9. 1952 Australian Six Pence
  10. 1946 Australian Six Pence
  11. Silver Love Hearts Charm Bracelet
  12. Numerous other coins – $2 – $1 – 50 Cent etc
  13. Australian Six Pence Coin Date Unknown as I need to clean the coin. But you can see what 50 plus years of salty water immersion does to a silver coin.
Silver Love Hearts Charm Bracelet
Silver Love Hearts Charm Bracelet


Had a great couple of hours detecting there, I got there around 4pm with my girlfriend Natalie and our three little mongrel dogs, she played with them, whilst I detected, and when the mosquitos started to bite too hard, thats when I decided to pack up and head home to check out my lost treasure!

I am heading back there again in the very near future, but this time I will be taking my Minelab Underwater Metal Detector, so I can do some shallow water metal detecting.

I use a Minelab Excalibur Metal Detector when entering deeper water, it is 100% waterproof and a great detector.

The above finds I found using my Minelab E-Trac Metal Detector, it never lets me down and I always come home with something good.

Cheap MRE Meals – Meals Ready to Eat – Attention Western Australian Prospectors!

Tasty and Very Cheap Indian MRE Meals
Tasty and Very Cheap Indian MRE Meals

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If your an avid prospector, metal detectorist, camper or even a family who likes to head out bush for a week or three, have you ever tried MRE Meals?

An MRE Meal is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging bought by the United States military for its servicemembers for use in combat or other field conditions where organized food facilities are not available. The MRE replaced the canned MCI or Meal, Combat, Individual rations in 1981 and is the intended successor to the lighter LRP ration developed by the U.S. Army for Special Forces and U.S. Army Ranger patrol units in Vietnam.

However, MRE Meals are becoming more and more popular with people who enjoy outdoor activities such as backpacking, camping, metal detecting, hiking and much more.

These MRE Meals are available at most outdoor and camping stores in Australia, such as MainPeak, Anaconda, BCF and all the other Adventure, camping stores around Australia.

But would you pay over $12 for a MRE Meal at MainPeak when you can get a MRE Meal which is just as good, but it will only cost you $2.45!

But the only thing is that these MRE Meals are Indian MRE Meals and they are all Vegetarian, some are Hot and Spicy, some are mildly spicy and some not so mild. But all of them are very tasty and very filling.

A couple weeks ago when I was in Perth, I went to get a Pizza and next door to the Pizza shop was an Indian Delicatesan, that had close to a hundred different types of MRE Meals,  and they even had MRE Sweets!

Like I say, all of these MRE Meals cost less than $2.50 per MRE Meal, and I walked out of the shop with around 30 MRE Meals which I plan on using when I go camping, fishing and of course metal detecting.

MRE Meals are also great to have in case of power blackouts, disasters, floods, you can put them in your survival kits!

So if you are planning on heading out bush, by yourself, or with a mate or with your family and you all enjoy Indian food, here is the details of the shop where you can get these cheap MRE Camping Meals in Perth – Western Australia.




PH: 9349 4079

For interstate readers, go to your nearest Indian Supermarket and I am sure they will have the same MRE Meals for sale!

Why pay $12.60 for a MRE Meal at a camping store, when you can get an MRE Meal for $2.50 at the address above!

Huge Needle in a Haystack Found!

Not exactly a Needle in a Haystack - But a Broken Steel Forklift Prong in a haystack!
Not exactly a Needle in a Haystack - But a Broken Steel Forklift Prong in a haystack!

These may sound a bit weird but today I found a needle in a haystack! But the needle was about three feet long!

Yesterday I received a phone from Eddie in  Great Southern region of West Australia. Eddie informed me that when moving some huge hay bales with their forklift one of the needle like prongs snapped off the forklift and he knew that the prong was somewhere inside one of eighteen bales of hay they were sorting and moving with their haystack forklift.

I put one of my Perth Metal Detector Hire flyers at the Coles shopping centre in Narrogin, about a week ago and just by chance Eddie saw the flyer on the classifieds board, so he decided to give me a call to see if I could help him out.

Of course I said yes and today  I drove a couple of hours to Narrogin to help find the huge needle in the haystack. I had eighteen bales to search, and by the third bale I got a good signal and presumed that was the bale where the prong was embedded.

Just to make certain, I checked all the rest of the hay bales and the third bale was the only one to send off a beep with my detector.

So Eddie ripped the bale apart, and there it was. He found it in the centre of the bale, he was happy and so was I.

That is definitely one of my unusual metal detecting stories. But it opens my eyes to all the different jobs I could do in helping people, such as farmers who may lose a valuable metal item on their farm and much more.

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Ring Lost Two Years Ago Gardening

I received an email a few days ago from Rachel, who told me her husband lost his wedding ring whilst gardening a year ago, so I am heading up to Perth today to do a search of their backyard with the aim of finding the ring for them.

It could be a hard job, because there could be a chance that the ring was accidently thrown out with the garden waste, but you never know your luck, it could be there under the top soil of the garden.

So if your in the surrounding Perth  and lost something and looking for a Perth Metal Detector Hire service, contact me and I may be able to find your lost treasures


I had no luck in finding this lost wedding ring, but I have arranged with Rachel to do a future search of their yard in the near future.

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Patience pays off in Metal Detecting for Lost Ring

Bricky - Relieved to have his Lost Gold Wedding Ring back!
Bricky - Relieved to have his Lost Gold Wedding Ring back!

A few days ago I wrote how I received a phone call from Bricky to find his lost ring which he lost as he held his hand out of the passenger side window in his car as it was moving at 110km/h.

Yesterday I met Bricky in Williams – Western Australia and following him for about 70km’s to the spot where he said that he lost his wedding ring.

It was a miserable day yesterday, cold, windy and very rainy. The spot where he lost it was on the Boddington to Mandurah highway, and it just happened to be next to one of Boddington’s gold mines.

I donned my fluro yellow safety pants and my raincoat and the search was on.

It was quite frustrating due to the amount of rubbish that littered the area, aluminum cans mainly and with each beep of the E-Trac Metal Detector, I had to check what it was just in case it may have been Bricky’s lost ring, but it was always an aluminum or old steel beer can, which obviously vented my frustration as well as Brickys.

As I searched along the road, alot of Gold Mine vehicles past the area where I was searching, it was a bit embarrassing, because they must have thought I was looking for gold nuggets along the side of the road, as I dug little spots and emptied the leaf litter in my metal detecting sieve, but I just ignored them and concentrated on finding Brickys lost gold wedding ring.

It was pouring with rain on and off and within a couple of hours I was starting to lose hope of finding his ring, but I did not mention that to Bricky. He even said to me, I think it is time we give up, and I replied, “Never give in mate!” “It’s gotta be here somewhere!”

I searched an area of about 500 metres long on the winding road, starting off on the very edge of the bitumen to the leaf litter and puddles of the side of the road.

It was now about 2 and a half hours into the search, and Bricky was walking alongside me in his shorts and wet Ugg Boots ( I did tell him to get out of the rain and wait in the car to stay dry, but he persited in trying to find his ring)  and as I swung the detector with my aching arm, I got a nice beep and saw his now found gold wedding ring in the centre of my metal detecting coil.

The Lost Gold Wedding Ring found in roadside leaf litter!
The Lost Gold Wedding Ring found in roadside leaf litter!

I said “Got it!” and Bricky stared at the ring in utter disbelief and then picked it up speechless!

I shook his hand, and he was very happy, saying to me that the ring will never leave his hand again! He rang up his wife straight away and he was just as happy! Having told him that seconds before she said a quick prayer to her deceased Mum for his ring to be found!

So I am glad Bricky now has his wedding ring back. Thanks Bricky for your generous reward mate! It was great to see you again and to have a chat to you!

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Wedding Ring Lost at Highspeed!

Tonight I got a phone call from Bricky, who told me he needs my help to search for his wedding ring, which he happened to lose as he hung his arm out of the car passenger window with the car moving at 110 kmph.   Bricky is actually a member of my Beaut Utes Website and he remembered that I help people find Lost Rings and Jewellery with my Perth and Western Australian Metal Detector Service.

I have never done a search for a ring which has been lost from a moving car before, so it is going to be an interesting and exciting  job for me to carry out, but I am feeling pretty confident.

My Candadian Metal Detecting friend Chris Turner who runs Vancouver Metal Detector Rentals has done quite a few jobs of a similar nature, so I have emailed him for some tips.

One tip I remember Chris telling me which I will do is to get Bricky to drive his car past me and the spot where he lost his ring, driving the same speed as when he lost his ring, and then throw out one of my el-cheapo stainless steel rings out of the ring, with some fishing line and a marker attached and see where that ring lands.

That way it could give me a rough idea on where his gold wedding band has landed. I know Chris Turner has done this experiment before and it has proved quite successful.

I’ll keep you all informed on if we have any luck, I hope to do this job within a few days.

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My New Metal Detecting Gallery – Website

MetalDetectingPhotos.com - Metal Detecting Finds Gallery
MetalDetectingPhotos.com - Metal Detecting Finds Gallery

Very pleased to announce that I now have a new Metal Detecting website. The site is called Metal Detecting Photos ( MetalDetectingPhotos.com ) and it is for myself and other Metal Detectorists to upload recent photos of Metal Detecting Finds.

So if you are a metal detectorist anywhere in the world, please feel feel to sign up to the gallery, and upload as many photos as you wish.

The Gallery was installed and designed by my good American friend Mark Bolyard who helps me out with my websites, when the are jobs which are too complicated for myself to do. Cheers Mark! If you need website help, contact Mark, you won’t regret it!

Metal Detecting Kharma

Bunbury couple Peter and Kiah reunited with Kiahs Lost Beautiful Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring
Bunbury couple Peter and Kiah reunited with Kiahs Lost Beautiful Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring

A couple days ago I received a a phonecall from Peter who told me that his wife Kiah had lost her ring whilst she, Peter and their kids were kicking the football around. Peter told me Kiah felt her ring literally fly off her finger as she raised her arms in the air to catch the football.

Peter asked if I would be interested in driving to Capel, near Bunbury to do a search for her lost wedding ring. It sounded to me that it would be a pretty easy task of finding the ring, because Kiah, felt the ring come off her finger, and they knew approximately where it may have fallen.

This happened two weeks ago, no matter how hard they searched on their hands and knees on the grass, they just had no luck on finding the ring.

I said, I just hope a Crow or Magpie had not seen the Gold and Diamond Ring shining in the sunlight, and picked it up, as they were attracted to shiny things. He got a bit worried when I told him that.

I think Peter must have found my site by doing a search of Perth Metal Detecting Hire or Bunbury Metal Detecting Hire and my website came up number one on Google …. Thanks Google!

I told Peter I would have a sleep on it, and  I would contact him the next day after he sent me an email with more details about the lost ring. I also told him that if I could not do the job, I’d find someone who could do the job.

Next day after sleeping on the thought on finding the lost wedding ring, which obviously carried a huge amount of sentimental value to Kiah, I thought, I had no choice, but to help out with the search and retrieval of her lost ring.

It was a great opportunity to head to the Western Australian coastal town of Bunbury to do two things, as mentioned, to  find Kiah’s lost wedding ring and to find myself a small aluminum boat which I could use for metal detecting around rivers, lakes, and inlets, places where people might picnic, swim, ski and socialise.


I arrived at Peter and Kia’s place, and they were just about to leave on a business meeting, and I just caught them in time.

We introduced ourselves, and my dogs ToTo, Georgie and Charlie to their old faithful Labradore dog, Saxon, and in the corner of my eye, I saw a little Aluminum Tinny Boat in Peters garage. I asked Peter if he was interested in selling the boat, and told him that was one of the other reasons I wanted to come to Bunbury … to find myself a boat … just like his!

Peter told me, that he had been thinking of selling it, and I said, well think it over, while I do the lost ring search.

They both showed me the area where they believed it was lost, just opposite their house, and they had even marked out the approximate area with sport’s witches hats, which would make my search much easier.

I got to work, and Peter and Kiah went back to their house, to get ready for their meeting in town. I said I might find it pretty quick, so I was hoping I would find it before they had to leave for their meeting.

Low and behold, 5 minutes later, I found it, just hidden beneath some blades of grass, out of eye sight!

Wow, I thought, that is definitely a beautiful ring, made from solid gold, and three huge diamonds, a ring I’d love to find at the beach.

I then snuck up the house with my video camera turned on, (Just like my Canadian friend metal detectorist Chris Turner does) and surprised Kiah with her ring! She was awestruck and had a huge smile on her face, with a touch of emotion, happiness and disbelief.

I used my video camera, because I want to be able to put some videos on YouTube.com, but it’s too hard to work out!

The Minelab Metal Detector does it’s awesome job again!

Peter was very happy as well.

And guess what, he offered his boat and trailer for $600 minus the $300 he was going to give me for a reward, so I got the boat and trailer for $300, making us all very happy customers!

We said our goodbyes, and I went and bought myself a fully reconditioned 15 Horsepower Mercury Outboard Motor, from Millard Marine in Bunbury … costing me four times as much as the boat and trailer.

A new Metal Detecting Tool to add to my collection!

My new Metal Detecting Tool - 3.4 Metre Aluminum Boat and Trailer with 15 HP Mercury Motor
My new Metal Detecting Tool - 3.4 Metre Aluminum Boat and Trailer with 15 HP Mercury Motor

Thats what you call Kharma!

Email from Peter tonight

Hi Bill

Today was a great day in many ways. Thanks for your effort to drive the distance. The Boat was really amazing as I had been just beaten by time to do anything about it and it was previously a gift from my old employer…who is now 88 and still making it to work every now and again.

Kiah was so stoked today. Thanks and I’m really pleased the boat has a new home and grateful owner.

Best regards


Car Crash I witnessed in Bunbury
Car Crash I witnessed in Bunbury
Also as I was on my way out of Bunbury, I witnessed a car crash, between a 4wd and a small car, both drivers were unhurt, although the girl driving the car in the photo, was in shock, I helped her out of the car, along with some other bystanders.
The poor guy who hit her, was in a lot of distress also, being on his way to see his wife who is in hospital with cancer, I pray that all will work out with his wife. He said he was in the wrong, I think he ran a redlight, possibly very concerned about his wife and not thinking about the traffic lights. Lets hope all is good on his side and the girl whose car he wrote off.

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My Final Metal Detecting Hunt of the Old Homestead in the Paddock

1935 Siver Australian Florin
1935 Siver Australian Florin

There comes a time, when you are metal detecting a good place, that you realise that you may have found most of it’s hidden treasures, and so, for one of my favourite places which has  remains of an Old Homestead, yesterday I decided that I would give it one final go, before giving the place a rest for a long time, if not forever.

In past Metal Detecting searches of this place I have had some great metal detecting finds at this place.

See my previous storys about it

  1. More Great Finds – Return to the Old Homestead
  2. Metal Detecting Old Homestead Ruins
  3. Heap of Coins found Metal Detecting

So yesterday I said to myself, one last go of the homestead remains, and I’ll leave the place alone for good.

It has been one of my best places to find old coins and little relics and other interesting things, and this is what I found.

Old Toy Car - 1940's Era
Old Toy Car - 1940's Era