$10,000 Buried Cache Found!

Billy (LostTreasure.com.au Author) Holding the Found Cache of Money
Billy (LostTreasure.com.au Author) Holding the Found Cache of Money

A few days ago I wrote how I had received an email from John, who told me that he buried money, and could not find it.

Well I arranged to meet John at his house to carry out a metal detecting search of his backyard to find the buried money.    I asked John what caused him to bury the money and basically he said that he did not trust banks and burying it would be the safest way. Previously he had buried $20,000 in two jars which he managed to find no problems, but the missing $10,000 that he emailed me about was nowhere to be found.

Day 1

I arrived at Johns house and immediately started metal detecting in the area where he said that he believed he buried the cache of money about 12 months before hand. As per usual with backyard metal detecting searches, I knew I would start getting immediate signals from other pieces of metal, coins, bottle caps, rusty nails, aluminum foil and much more.

John told me that he buried the money in a glass jar, the money was wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic wrap, so I was looking for a good sound that would correspond to “aluminum foil”

John had previously digged in the area where he said that the money was buried, and I told him, that would likely make the hunt harder, because of all the misplaced top soil and so forth.

This search was prooving far more difficult that what I had expected, within a couple of hours we had dug away around a tonne of soil, this was because of all the trash metal in the ground. I asked John how deep did he remember burying the money and he said around 3 foot deep, so I was a bit wary that my detector would pick up a signal that deep. That is one of the reasons that I decided to remove a couple feet of the soil.

It was really hard work, hot and sweaty, I arrived at his place around 3pm and by 6pm I was still there, it was getting dark and both John and I were getting tired. I also started to doubt Johns story, thinking that maybe he did not bury it at all, or if he did, he had already dug the money up and forgot about it.

John also told me he marked the asbestos fence with a small X which would correspond to the place where he buried the money, I searched the fence for the X but could not find it.

I also question myself, maybe someone saw John burying the money, and stole it, or even maybe one of Johns close friends stole it.

I told John, that it was time to stop digging, and to re-evaluate the situation, I question him numerous times about the hidden stash of money, asking such things like “Are you sure this is the spot?”,  “Did you tell anyone?”, “Is there by chance you’ve already dug it up?” and many other questions.

All of which he was certain and answered the right questions.

Anyhow I decided to call it a day and to come back the next day to continue with the search.

I left John’s place, rather dissapointed not to have found his hidden cache of money.

Day 2

I arrived at Johns place uncertain, but still confident that I would find the money for John.

Like the day before, we dug and dug and dug! I metal detected the whole area over and over. I also made myself the day before a “Money Probe” A long thin piece of steel with a footrest to push 3 – 4 feet  into the soil, hoping that the probe would hit the jar under the top soil.

Once again it was starting to get dark, and there was no hope of finding the money.

Then I asked John about when he marked the fence, and then I decided to go over to the asbestos fence again to have a closer look for the X he said he marked as the spot near where the money was supposed to have been buried.

And guess what, I found the X marked on the wall, and told him I found the X, we then went one of the spots where John said he had buried his last cache of money, and I decided to dig the shovel there.

$10,000 in Buried Money Retrieved! $10,000 in Buried Money Retrieved!

I dug about two foot of soil out, then waved my metal detector over the hole, I heard a very very faint signal. Then I grabbed the shovel off John, and dug out another two foot of soil. As I shoveled the soil, I noticed a plastic lid land in the mound of soil.

We both looked at the jar lid, and then I quickly hopped onto my knees with started digging with my hands.

I felt something plastic, the jar, (the jar he told me was glass) and inside the jar, I felt the aluminum foil and I yelled out “I GOT IT!” and then I pulled out the money like a little excited kid, show John and we literally ran around the yard in excitement!

John was screaming out, “WE GOT IT, WE GOT IT! YOUR A CHAMPION BILLY!” and he ran inside to tell his girlfriend, she was excited too.

Wow, I was really excited and so satisifed that I found the huge cache of hidden money.

We went inside John’s house, I had a glass of water, and John laid out all of the money on his dining table. And that’s when I took a photo of the cache.

I asked John if I could take a photo of him holding the money, but he declined, saying he did not want his face on the internet for fear of family and friends seeing his photo. So instead John took a photo of me holding his wad a cash … a cool $10,000 dollars.

John gave me a huge reward for finding his money, my best reward to date, so thanks heaps John!

John’s a really nice bloke, very genuine and trustworthy, I suppose you must be trustworthy when you ask a stranger to help find ten thousand dollars buried in your backyard!

Billy ... Happy after finding the Buried Money Cache
Billy ... Happy after finding the Buried Money Cache

Why do people bury money?

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  1. Billy that’s an awesome story! I only just came across your blog tonight, after doing a youtube search last night on geocaching. I found the video you made where you came across a geocache while out detecting, then one video led to another and I just love what you do. Bookmarked it so I could come back tonight and have another look. I love the jewellery trinkets you find. I think detecting and geocaching aren’t all that different, we’re all still looking for hidden treasure! 🙂

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