Metal Detector Hire Perth

Perth - The Worlds Most Isolated City!
Perth - The Worlds Most Isolated City!

Just to let any visitors know that I will be in Perth from Wedsneday 4th November to approximately late November.

But I will be returning home down south on the Fridays, returning to Perth on Sundays. During the week, I’ll be doing a few courses, but if you contact me, I should be able to do a search for you at the end of the day or in the evening.

So if you have lost any Jewellery or Rings recently at any Perth Beaches, Swan River, Parks, Playgrounds or at your home in the garden, please get in quick and book me to hopefully find your Lost Jewellery

If I can’t help you, I’ll find someone who can, I have some good metal detecting contacts who have helped me in the past.

How much do I charge?

I charge nothing at all to search for your lost item, but my services is based on a reward only if found basis that is, if I find your lost ring, jewellery etc, then it is up to you what you’d like to give me as a reward.

A small fuel surcharge may be required depending on the distance I need to travel.

If I don’t find your lost item, then I don’t expect anything.

I do not hire out my metal detectors.

I love my job!
Lost something?
Call me ASAP – Metal Detector Hire Perth  … Billy 0429 641 788


Cottesloe Beach - Western Australia - Have you lost your jewellery here?
Cottesloe Beach - Western Australia - Have you lost your jewellery here?

Pumping the Ghost Town Water Well – Part 2

Finally Pumping Water out of the Ghost Twon Water Well
Finally Pumping Water out of the Ghost Twon Water Well

Today my mate Rob and I went out to the old ghost town water well today and finally started pumping out the water of the disused water well.

It is so deep, it’s amazing how the settlers must have dug it out by hand over a hundred years ago. The water in the well is now not fit for consumption, it is putrid and very smelly, and a bit salty, not that I would taste it.

The reason I want to pump out all of the water is to basically see what maybe on the bottle of the well after a hundred years and more. I am hoping that maybe there would be a heap of old bottles sitting at the bottom.

Rob reckons I am crazy, but I told him, that you never know whats down there, and I mentioned to him about kids getting up to mischief back in the old days and throwing bottles in the well, just like we used to do when we were kids … get up to mischief! And then he saw the possibilities of what might be at the bottom of the well.

Rob operating the water pump
Rob operating the water pump

Anyway, we pumped a lot of water out today, not sure exactly, but we reduced the depth by about 7 metres of out, so I don’t know how many cubic metres that would be. It took around an hour, I was hoping that we could pump it all out today, but it must be bloody deep down there.

Not sure how many metres would be left, I reckon probably another 7 to 10 metres in water depth. It is extremely dangerous, the edge of the well is unstable, and if you fell it, you’d be dead for sure I reckon. From the top of the well to the current water level, I reckon it would be a 20 to 30 metre fall.

To be honest, I don’t really plan on going down there when all of the water is pumped out, but I do plan on hopefully lowering down a good spotlight and my video camera, that way I may be able to find out whats down there. My torch is good, I can still see things down there at the moment, but once most of the water is pumped out, then I’ll get a better idea.

Hoping to go back out there and finish the job within the next couple of weeks.

Very Deep and Dangerous Water Well
Very Deep and Dangerous Water Well

Northern Territory Metal Detectorist Wanted For Lost Ring Search

I received this email from Bren in Darwin today, he lost a wedding ring in a Lke swimming. as follows:

I am looking for someone that has a waterproof metal detector, I lost my wedding ring in about 5 foot of water. I know the locations within a few meters but visibility is poor.

 There would definitely be a reward involved if someone could help me locate it or had the equipment that I could.

Your help Billy is very much appreciated.  Best regards Bren

So if you are a NT Metal Detector Guy, pleaase contact me

And I’ll give you Brens contact details.