The Ring Finders Global Metal Detecting Directory

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Directory

NEWSFLASH! The Ring Finders Global Metal Detecting Directory is Lauched!

I have a great friend in Canada by the name of Chris Turner who has helped me a great deal with starting me off with my Lost Treasure Metal Detecting Services here in Western Australia. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done to help me, with all of his advice, tips, tricks and knowledge.

Chris is quite a famous person, he is located in Vancouver Canada and has been undertaking his Canada and North American Metal Detecting Services for many years now.

He has helped to find hundreds of rings for people in Vancouver, and has been interviewed on the radio, tv, newspapers, magazines and much more.

Now Chris has started his very own global metal detecting directory, for metal detectorists, enthusiasts and ring finders, from around the world.

Chris’s Metal Detecting website is and it is open to any metal detectorists who wish to advertise there metal detecting services from around the world.

The ring finders website is very new, just a few weeks old, so at the moment there is only 6 professional ring finders listed in the directory, 2 from Australia, including myself, 1 from Canada, 1 from the UK, 1 from Norway and the other from the USA. You can read all about the ring finders in the metal detecting directory

You too can become a ring finder! See here:

Chris has some great websites as follows:

He also has some awesome metal detecting videos on YouTube, there you can see some of his inspiration lost ring finds where he reunites people with their lost rings. See here:\

This website is what really excites me, I just wish I could join him on his European Metal Detecting Treasure Expedition! Hint Hint Chris!

Well done Chris!



Another Lake Lost Rings Search – Lost 25 Years Ago!

A few weeks ago I mentioned to one of my old mates Stewie, about my metal detecting hire services, and was telling him some stories about how I help people find their lost wedding rings, jewellery, money and all the other things that I find with my Minelab Metal Detectors and he his face lit up.

I asked him what was he smiling about, and he told me that around 25 years ago, he was water skiing close to the shores of Lake Dumbleyung on a hot summers day. Being a novice water skiier, he fell off after hitting some wave wash.

To cut a long story short, he told me he and his newly wed wife Tina, were out at the lake with friends, and she was wearing both her wedding ring and engagement ring, and she knew there could be a risk of losing them in the water.

So she took them off and gave them to Stewie for safe keeping, and Stewie stupidly put them in the pocket of his shorts, thinking that they would be safe.

Anyhow Stewie forgot all about the rings in his pocket, and probably had a few beers too many and decided it was time for a ski on the water.

Yep, you guessed it, Stewie jumps in the water, puts some skiis on, falls off straight away, has another go, then gets back into the boat. On return to the ski club, Tina asks for her wedding and engagement rings, and Stewie pats his pockets telling her the rings are safe and sound, and then he feels nothing in his pockets.

It hit Stewie that he has obviously lost the rings in the Lake where he fell off, Tina is absolutely furious and now 25 years later, Tina is still furious with Stewie and I have eased the tension by telling them both that maybe I can find them with my metal detectors.

This search will be a hard search, Lake Dumbleyung is huge, but Stewie has a good idea still to this day where he believes the rings fell out of his pocket.

So soon when the weather cools off a bit I will be heading out to the Lake to hopefull reunite Stewie and Tina with the lost rings.

Currently Lake Dumbleyung is bone dry, and it is Summer weather here in Western Australia, so I am waiting for a cool day, because when detecting on the Lake on a hot day, the white salt reflects all the heat onto my body, so it is like an oven and the flies are really bad.

This Wedsneday it is going to be 42 degrees celcius, way to hot to Metal Detect!

I’ll keep you updated, and if I find them, I will believe that miracles do happen!

I have previously found rings at Lake Dumbleyung, so you just never know.

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Wedding and Engagement Rings Lost 80 Years Ago – Will I Find Them?

Unfortunately over the last few weeks, I have been unable to head out on any metal detecting jobs as I have just bought a new business, a Post Office / News Agency in the Great Southern town of Dumbleyung.

So I have been working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying to get into the routine of my new business venture with my girlfriend Natalie.

So now my metal detecting hours and jobs are very restricted, to the weekends only.

Anyhow having my new business has enabled me to find some interesting future metal detecting hunts.

Today I was talking to a lady who informed me that her Grand Mother, lost both her Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring on the same day at a local lake, not Lake Dumbleyung, but another Lake near the town.

Believe it or not, her Grand Mother lost her Wedding and Engagement Rings at the Lake around 80 years ago when she was in her early 20’s.

Apparently her Gandmother, lost these rings on the shore of the lake at a picnic gathering.

WOW! What a story that would make! Her Grandmother has since passed away, but it would be such a great story, to reunite her Grand Daughter with these lost rings.

This has given me a huge buzz of excitement, as I know for a fact that this Lake has never been metal detected, and there would be a great chance of finding other lost momentos, such as jewellery, coins and much more.

So this weekend, I am going to ride my Polaris 6 Wheeler out to this Lake, and do a thorough search of the Lake to see if I can find these rings which were lost in the 1920’s.

I am pretty excited about this metal detecting ring search.

Do you think I will find them? Stay Tuned!