I’m Back Detecting!


Hi Everyone,

Firstly I am so sorry for my delay, things have been very hectic since I last wrote on my Metal Detecting Blog.

In the last three months I have been in a new business, I just bought a small country Post Office / Newsagency / Cafe and Nursery and it has just kept me away from writing my metal detecting stories and doing lost ring recovery searches.

But I still have been busy metal detecting and bottle hunting when ever I get the chance.

I have found a lot of things lately, heaps of old coins, a couple of old rings, a beautiful very old Western Australian Police Force Button, a Victory Medal from World War Two, heaps of old silver cutlery, old antique toys, and much more.

So this coming weekend I am going to get my act together, photo graph all of my recent metal detecting finds and write a story about all of my recent metal detecting hunts.

So please bare with me, and stay tuned, I’ll have some new stories coming your way soon!

I have included a couple pics of some recent finds and some old bottles I have been cleaning lately.

Old Bottles and Jars