Midnight Metal Detecting – My First Meteorite Find with Minelab E-Trac

What an amazing coicidence, tonight I was watching some youtube metal detecting videos, and the last one I watched was a guy in Australia who found a Meteorite with a Minelab GP 4000. Then around 10pm I was bored out of my mind, and I thought I’d go down to the local showground to do a bit of metal detecting, for old coins and jewellery etc.

I had a bit of luck, found a nice religious necklace charm, nothing else, so I decided to go out to a place near the local rubbish dump.

Basically it is a farm paddock with alot of very old broken glass spread throughout the paddock.

I think that this may have originally been an old dumping site before the World War One era, so where ever there is old glass, there is bound to be treasure, coins, jewellery etc, because people would accidently throw out their coins, jewellery etc in the rubbish.

A few days ago I ask my friend who owns the paddock if I could do a bit of detecting there, he said go for it.    At the moment the paddock is bare, come winter, no doubt it will be in crop, with wheat or barley.

Anyhow, I was was only there for around 10 minutes before I found my first coin, a nice silver sixpence dated 1896, then soon after another sixpence, dated 1902 and then some old pennies, one dated 1913 and the other 1902.    I also found a nice little floral design broach.

I’ll put pics of the coins and broach up soon.

As usual I found plenty of old harmonica remains, lots of copper bits and plenty of junk. But I am keen to get back out there as soon as I can, because I feel that there could be hundreds of old coins there, because I only searched a tiny area in around 30 minutes and the paddock where the glass is spread is more the 5 acres.

The paddock is great for metal detecting, as the soil is nice and sandy and easy to dig into, and that makes it perfect for metal detecting.

But I am excited to say that I think I found my first ever meteroite, I might be wrong, but I am confident that I might be right also!    On my way back to the car, I was just swinging the coil quickly and then I got a overload signal on my Minelab E-Trac, when ever this happens, usually, but not always, I’ll just ignore it and continue detecting, but I did not ignore this one, because it was in a paddock where it would be unusual to pick up overload signals.   At first I thought maybe it could have been an old axe head, or maybe a broken plough from when the farmer rips up the soil prior to seeding.

But anyhow, I decided to check it out, and just below the surface was this rock thing, it was dark, but could not see it really, I swung my coil over it and it sent of a signal in the 12.04 range, which is a good range for metal.

As soon as I saw it in the light, I thought maybe I have got myself my first meteorite here, it is definately something unusual, a metal rock, with a limestone type substance on parts as well as bits of red amongst the rock.

I have seen nickle rock before, this looks similar, but the closest nickel to my hometown is 500kms away.

The “meteorite” weighs at least 1 kilogram and is 90mm x 90mm x 40mm in dimensions

What do you guys think? Need your advice.

I might have to email some pics to the WA Museum for a proper ID or take it there in person.

If it is a meteorite, I wonder if it is worth much?

This is the other YouTube video I watched …. an hour later I went out and found this “meteorite” … believe it or not!

Depression? PTSD? Anxiety? Why not consider taking up Metal Detecting!

If you suffer from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD or any other form of Mental Illness, why don’t you consider taking up Metal Detecting? You won’t regret it!

Metal Detecting is one of the best hobbies in the world, if your having a bad day, once you start detecting, then all your problems just drift away!

Guys I am a suicide survivor, and I am not ashamed to admit it, due to doing something stupid when on a drinking binge. I’ll blame that on my service in the Australian Defence Forces, Ex Army and Ex Navy.

I have not had a drink now for 3 years next month…. so I am pretty proud of that, very proud actually.

I started metal detecting because one day I was watching the TV Show Bondi Rescue, and a British Tourist had lost his wedding ring in the Surf, and there was a guy with a metal detector who came and found the ring for him in the surf.

I thought to myself … wow that looks like a great hobby, I could do that, and I did some research and found Chris Turner and asked him for some advice on helping people to find their lost rings, and without Chris’s support and advice, I would not be doing this now and finding peoples lost rings, money and jewellery for them.

Metal Detecting really has changed my life, I run this website and I help people find their Lost Rings, and other items of sentimental value, by me helping other people smile again, makes me smile and feel on top of the world. When I am not helping people find their lost jewellery, then I try and get out coin shooting, relic hunting, bottle hunting and bush walking …. that is when I am not working.

I hope one day that I could do this job full time, thats my dream.

Like I say, if you suffer from depression or any other type of mental illness, why don’t you consider buying a metal detector… it’ll get you out of the house and you’ll get exercise, fresh air, and it will make you feel so good … even on the occasions when you don’t find anything.


Old Aboriginal Campsite Found – Many Stone Tools

Ancient / Old Aboriginal Campsite - Dumbleyung
Ancient / Old Aboriginal Campsite - Dumbleyung

I love to go walking in the bush, and one of my favourite spots in Dumbleyung is a place East of the town. I go out there often, because the area is a Nature Reserve, and it is peaceful and  alot of wildlife live in the area, such as Echidna’s (similar to Porcupines), Kangaroos, Geckos and Lizards and my favourite, Frogs and Tadpoles and much more.

Unfortunately the area is also being invaded by a awful weed which kills native plants, it is called Bridal Creeper

This Nature Reserve has many granite type rocks, and a beautiful natural spring which was used by Aboriginals as a source for water for probably over a millenia.. who knows.

Anyhow I was walking in an open rocky area of this reserve, looking for old bottles, and then I saw something that really stood out, a wide variety of small rocks which looked as though they were placed there… and I instantly knew that this would have been likely used by Aboriginals as a camp site, meeting spot, corroboree site or trading site.

This is the first ever Ancient / Old Aboriginal Campsite I have ever found, I have found plenty of Aboriginal Rocks . Stone Tools in the past, but never a place which has actually been used as a campsite.

Aboriginal Grinding Stone - For Grinding Native Grains into Flour etc
Aboriginal Grinding Stone - For Grinding Native Grains into Flour etc

I found a variety of tools, grinding stones, axe heads, stone knifes and flints.

Honesty I don’t think it is that old, but I might be wrong.

I feel it could only be around 100 years old, because the location is close to an old stone farmhouse, which was built in the early 1900’s .   So there is a chance that this campsite was used by Aboriginals in the early 1900’s who may have camped close to the homestead and worked for the farmer, cutting down trees, sandlewood cutters.   Sandlewood is a beautiful scented wood used in Perfumes.   Sandlewood Oil today sells for $1000 per kilogam.

There area still quite a few sandlewood trees in this area, and other areas surrounding Dumbleyung.

Anyhow if that Aboriginal Campsite is from around the 1900’s, there could be a chance of finding some coins, relics with my metal detector, so soon I’ll be going back to the campsite to do some detecting.

A good tip for finding Aboriginal Stone Tools, is most of the time, the stone can be identified as a stone which is not native to the area where you have found it.   It could have been traded with another aboriginal from a 1000kms away, and that is the onloy spot where that stone type exists.

These stone tools, knives, axe heads, spear tips could have been passed down from one generation to the next for hundreds of years.

There is one thing I’d love to find on my treks out bush  and that is an Aboriginal Spear Tip, My best mate Symo actually excavates ancient aboriginal sites for a living in the Eastern side of Australia, and he tells me he finds them all the time.

In anycase, it is a great discovery, and I’ll be going back there in the very near future to have a closer look at the campsite, I may even find a spear tip!

Aboriginal Stone Flint Knife
Aboriginal Stone Flint Knife
Aboriginal Stone Tools
Aboriginal Stone Tools

See my other Ancient Aboriginal Tools that I”ve found.

Rubbish Dump Treasure

Early Australian Settlers Copper Kettle 1880's - 1900's
Early Australian Settlers Copper Kettle 1880's - 1900's

The last few days have been very rewarding for me in regards to visiting the local rubbish tip as I have managed to find some amazing things which people have thrown away.

As I previously wrote, the other day I someone threw away this CLASSIC 1960′S / 1970′S ROCKHOPPER DELTEK MOTOR MINI BIKE, well currently I have it up for auction on ebay, and to my amazement the current bid is $255 … not bad for something I found out the local rubbish tip.

It is something I really look forward to on a daily basis going out the rubbish dump, to see what antique, retro and old collectable items have been has been thrown away.

I just wish I started doing this alot earlier, I have only been doing this for a couple of months and the stuff I find is just amazing.

I don’t just go out the dump in search of old collectables, I also go out there in search for recyclable scrap, copper, aluminum (not cans) and stainless steel.

On average I reckon I’d find $20 to $50 a day in good scrap metal.

Just today I found heaps of Aluminum and a huge piece of Stainless Steel from an old Butchers Meat Fridge. I found this stuff in a section of the dump which has not been used for around 20 years.

You just need to be very careful when doing this, because of snakes, asbestos, broken glass and rusty sharp metal.

I should take more care, I rarely wear a mask to protect myself from abestos, I should, because I lost an Uncle to Mesothelioma and a old friend of mine has just been diagnosed with it.

My most recent Rubbish Dump finds over the last couple of days are as follows: (Click on Link to see photo)

Just today a friend gave me permission to check out one of his farm dumps and I found a very old Copper Kettle.

This Early Settlers Copper Kettle would have been used by the early settlers and the beginning of the 20th Century, possibly earlier, I really love this find.    I’ll be keeping this Copper Kettle to put on display in my shop. I really love old Australiana items.

This new hobby of mine is awesome, rewarding and it even makes me money. I’ll be listing some of the above items on ebay very soon! It will be interesting to see what will sell and how high the prices will get.

I reckon the Weston Radio Telephone will sell for a good price, plenty of radio collectors out there, and there is a good chance the 1950’s Office Chair will sell also I reckon.

I actually feel that this Weston Radio Telephone could have been used by a child a longtime ago for education via School of the Air a program for school children who live in isolated areas and do their school via a Two Way Radio.

If your interested to see what I am selling on ebay, check out my My Ebay Store, currently I have close to 200 items for sale on ebay!

Check out my other Rubbish Dump Treasure Finds

Cheers Guys


Busseton Beach Lost Gold Ring Search Unsucessful

Busselton Beach where the Ring was Lost
Busselton Beach where the Ring was Lost

My search for the Lost Ring in Busselton was unsuccesful, I spent 5 hours both in the water and on the beach looking for the ring, I cannot understand why I could not find it, because Boris knew exactly where the ring was lost, the area where the ring was lost in a beach which is very shallow.  You can walk 20 metres into the water and still the water is only up to your waist.  

The beach does not have any waves, there is not rocks around the beach, it is just pure white sand.

There are three possibilities about the location of this ring. Firstly someone else has already found the ring, the beach is frequented by quite a few people walking along the beach, people walking dogs and people swimming.

Secondly  Tropical Cyclone Bianca caused very windy weather on the night that Boris lost his ring, so there is a chance that the ring could have been taken into deeper water.

Thirdly, about a metre from where the ring was lost are small wooden pylons (see image to left), there is a good chance that the ring is lodged somewhere on these pylons… mind you I dug alot of sand from around each pylon, hoping I might dig out the ring, but no luck. The reason I dug the sand away was because these pylons have large steel bolts lodged in them, and I could not move my metal detector anywhere near them without getting interferance.

I believe that scenario one and three are likely.

I am so sorry that I could not find this ring, unfortunately not all of my lost ring searches are successful.

How much do I charge to find your lost jewellery, money, rings etc? 

I charge nothing at all to search for your lost item, but my services is based on a reward only if found basis that is, if I find your lost ring, jewellery etc, then it is up to you what you’d like to give me as a reward. 

A small fuel surcharge may be required depending on the distance I need to travel. 

If I don’t find your lost item, then I don’t expect anything. 

I do not hire out my metal detectors. 

I love my job!
Lost something?

Back to Busselton for Lost Gold Ring Search

Last Monday, I went to Busselton to find a Lost Gold Ring, < click on the link to read that story…. anyhow I had no luck finding the lost ring on a beach in Busselton, but I don’t give up so easy, so tomorrow (Thursday) I am driving back down to have a second go at finding it.

This ring means alot to the owner, Boris who lost it, and it will mean alot to me to find it for him, and I am determined to find the lost ring.

I hope to get up early tomorrow, around 5am, sort the mail at my post office and then leave for Busselton, a 350km trip by around 6am, be in the water around 10am to start the metal detecting search for Boris’s lost gold ring.

Wish me luck!

Also a couple nights ago I wrote about selling some rubbish dump finds on Ebay that I found out the local rubbish dump…. well my CLASSIC 1960′S / 1970′S ROCKHOPPER DELTEK MOTOR MINI BIKE currently has 2 bids, at $102.50, so I am happy about that, no bids on the other items yet.

If your interested to see what I am selling on ebay, check out my My Ebay Store, currently I have close to 200 items for sale on ebay!

 How much do I charge to find your lost jewellery, money, rings etc? 

I charge nothing at all to search for your lost item, but my services is based on a reward only if found basis that is, if I find your lost ring, jewellery etc, then it is up to you what you’d like to give me as a reward. 

A small fuel surcharge may be required depending on the distance I need to travel. 

If I don’t find your lost item, then I don’t expect anything. 

I do not hire out my metal detectors. 

I love my job!
Lost something?
Call me ASAP – Metal Detector Hire Perth, Bunbury, Busselton … anywhere!  … Billy 0459 709 177

From Rubbish Dump to Ebay!

Over the last few weeks whilst looking for items to recycle for money out my local rubbish dump, such as copper, aluminum and stainless steel, I have found some great items which did not deserve to be thrown away, so I have decided to sell them on ebay to make a bit of money to pay somne bills.

The first item I am selling is a CLASSIC 1960’S / 1970’S ROCKHOPPER DELTEK MOTOR MINI BIKE which I found out the rubbish dump a around a month ago, most likely thrown out by a farmer who had no use for it.

At first when I saw it, I had plans of taking it home and to restore it, but times are tough for me and I need the money to pay some bills.    I have memories of these bikes when I was a kid, they are a huge collectors item these days. Especially amongst Minibike fans.

At the moment there are 31 people who have added this auction to their watchlist, and I have been getting quite a few emails asking about it. So I reckon it could go for a good price!

My next ebay auction is from the WW1 Era, an OLD ANZAC BADGE RISING SUN COPPER SOLDIERS PHOTO FRAME, if your a reader from overseas, ANZAC means Australian New Zealand Army Corp, our soldiers who fought at Gallipoli and all past War Campaigns.   I found this out the rubbish tip a couple months ago, this will sell for sure!

The next item I found out the rubbish dump is a RETRO VINTAGE ART DECO VULCAN CONRAY ELETRIC HEATER, not sure if it will sell, but you just never know! I’m sure someone out there collects this kind of stuff.

Another Retro item I found and have just put up for auction is a VINTAGE ART DECO VACTRIC VACCUUM CLEANER, I reckon this could sell, I know there are a few Vuccuum Cleaner collectors around.

Just a two days ago, out the dump I found 5 LARGE HEAVY TELEPHONE LINE CERAMIC INSULATORS, I am a collector of these, and to find 5 of them is like finding a couple hundred dollars on the ground, so the first thing I did when getting back home was to photograph one and put it up for sale on ebay, so lets hope it sells. My starting bid is $50.

Rubbish Dump Find - Working Vintage Janome Sewing Machine
Rubbish Dump Find - Working Vintage Janome Sewing Machine

One of my best finds just recently is this OLD VINTAGE JANOME SEWING MACHINE in excellent working order, complete with original carry case. It looks as though it has hardly been used, and someone threw it away, mind you, they put it in a location where they knew someone like me would find it, and take it home.

So thats some of the items I have recently found out my local rubbish dump, and now it is for sale on ebay!

As the saying goes, “one mans junk is another mans treasure!”

If your interested, check out my My Ebay Store, currently I have close to 200 items for sale on ebay!

Busselton Unsuccessful Lost Ring Search

Busselton Beaches are perfect for Beach and Underwater Metal Detecting
Busselton Beaches are perfect for Beach and Underwater Metal Detecting

On Monday I received a phone call from a lady who told me that her husband had lost a gold ring the day before on a Busselton Beach.

Her husbands name is Boris, and Boris lost his ring when he was collecting shells with his children in the shallows. What Boris was doing, was he was on his knees and digging his hands into the wet beach sand to collect the shells, and then allowing the moving water to wash through his hands the sift the sand away and to reveal the shells.

Later in the day, Boris noticed that his ring was missing. This ring was a special gift from his wife and his parents, maybe a congratulatory gift, I’m not really sure.

I recieved the phonecall around 11am Monday morning, Boris’s wife wanted me to drive to Busselton, a 600km return trip, it was a bit late in the day, but I could hear the urgency in Boris’s wifes voice. My business Partner Natalie said it was fine that I go to Busselton and she would look after the Post Office in the meantime.

So off I went to Busselton.

I arrived around 4pm late that afternoon, a lot later than what I expected to arrive there, so already the sun was starting to go down.

I thought that I’d find Boris’s ring in a few minutes, because this beach is always very calm, and there are never any surf waves in this area and basically the beach is just a stretch of white sand and very shallow water.

Well I thought wrong, I had no luck finding this ring after three hours of wading, snorkelling, and detecting.

Boris actually lost his ring right next to a small straight line of wooden pylons, so I thought there would be a great chance that his ring would have washed in and around those pylons.

But the problem was that those pylons had large metal bolts in them, and these bolts would not allow me to get my metal detector near wear the lost ring could have been lodged in the sand around them. I even used my Stealth Sand Scoop to dig around them but to no avail.

After around 3 hours of searching, I told a disappointed Boris, that I would have to give up the search, I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I did not want to go, because I really wanted to find that lost ring, but I had no choice, it was on the verge of darkness and I hard to drive the 300km’s back to Dumbleyung.

The trip back is on a pretty hairy road, in which around 6 people have lost their lives on over the last 12 months, and plus the bush on the side of the road is a home to thousands of kangaroos. The last thing I wanted was to hit a roo, in my new Hyundai Van.

We parted ways, Boris gave me some money for fuel, for which I really appreciated.

11pm that night I got home, exhausted, but glad to be home and went straight to bed.

The next day I received a text from Boris, asking if I could go back down to Busselton to find his ring.

Well, I am thinking of going back down to Busselton this Saturday, to find Boris’s ring, I’ll stay at a caravan park in my van and sleep in my swag…. with the hope of finding Boris ring!

If I can find a clients ring, I’ll always give it a second chance, I am dedicated to my job, I love my job, metal detecting is the best job in the world… even when sometimes I’m not successful. 

How much do I charge? 

I charge nothing at all to search for your lost item, but my services is based on a reward only if found basis that is, if I find your lost ring, jewellery etc, then it is up to you what you’d like to give me as a reward. 

A small fuel surcharge may be required depending on the distance I need to travel. 

If I don’t find your lost item, then I don’t expect anything. 

I do not hire out my metal detectors. 

I love my job!
Lost something?
Call me ASAP – Metal Detector Hire Perth, Bunbury, Busselton … anywhere!  … Billy 0459 709 177

Go Pro Video Cameras For Metal Detecting

One of my Metal Detecting friends Tony Shere, who also helps find peoples lost rings and jewellery has some amazing youtube videos he has made from metal detecting underwater.

go pro surf camera chest mount
go pro surf camera with chest mount

Tony uses a go pro surf camera ( HD Surf HERO ) attached to a go pro chest mount whilst undertaking his water hunts for Lost Rings, Jewellery, Coins, Watches, and all the rest.

This camera looks amazing, the video quality is awesome… and the price is just as good … especially with the Australian Dollar being n even par with the US Dollar.

I am defininately saving my money for a go pro surf camera, this is going to be awesome for when I undertake lost jewellery searches in the water.

These cameras come in a variety of styles, so they can be used for Gold Nugget Metal Detecting and Prospecting also.

When I get one of these Go Pro Cams, I’ll put up a review… I don’t think I’ll be dissapointed!

Go Pro Products

Check out Tony’s awseome Lost Ring Video he made on youtube using his go pro surf camera and a Ping Pong Bat to find the ring!!!

See more of these go pro video cameras at Ebay and grab a bargain!

Tony’s YouTube Channel

Rubbish Dump Goldmine … I mean Copper & Aluminum Recycling

Some of you who read this blog, might be aware that I come from a small country town called Dumbleyung situated 250kms South East of Perth in western Australia.

Australian Rubbish Dump - Copper and Aluminum Recyclers Dream
My Local Rubbish Dump - Copper and Aluminum Recyclers Dream

Like all small towns in Australia, we have our local rubbish dump or rubbish tip where we are permitted without any charges to dispose of our waste, such as garden waste, household waste, whitegoods, electrical waste and so forth.

Over the last few months I have been doing quite a bit of recycling, so much so that it is almost becoming like an addiction for me, a daily habit for which I look forward to doing at the end of work each day.

It is amazing what people are throwing out on a daily basis, antique furniture, retro eletrical items such as fans, sewing machines, oil lamps, and so much more.

It is like christmas when I go out there everyday, not only am I getting stuff which I could resell to collectors, but I am getting so much aluminum (not aluminum cans, but window frames, alloy castings from motors, and so much more. The copper and I am getting is from old airconditioners, eletrical leads, copper wire motors, large copper coils from tvs.

Australian Rubbish Dump - Copper and Aluminum Recyclers Dream
My Local Rubbish Dump - Copper and Aluminum Recyclers Dream

In the last couple of months, I honestly believe I would have a couple hundred kilograms of copper and the a few hundred in aluminum and around 30kgs of stainless steel.

The current price for scrap copper as of a few weeks ago is around $6 a kilogram, the same for stainless steel and for aluminum is only $0.80 cents a kilo.

What I do is not easy work, it takes loads of time to get this scrap copper, because eletrical items need to be taken apart, I use a grinder to take apart compressors, and motors.

In the last couple of days I have score 2 heavy aluminum boat outboard motors, heaps of tvs, taken apart some fridges and washing machines, scored myself a beautiful antique sewing machine which I will try and sell on Ebay when I find the time.

Honestly on a daily basis, I would be getting around $20 to $50 a day in scrap metal, this is an amazing way to make extra cash on the side and plus you are helping the environment at the same time.

The other day I purchased this Copper Wire Stripper from Ebay, I have not received it yet, because it has to come from the USA, so on a daily basis I am excited hoping that it will arrive, so that I can start stripping all of the electrical cables and wire I have… to much!

Sure this copper wire stripper cost me a bit of money, but it won’t take me long to recoup the cost of my investment.

Unstripped Electrical Wire sells at around $1.80 a kilogram, but if it is stripped then it sells for $6 a kilogram, so I defininately see the sense of investing in a copper wire stripper.

I just hope it lives up to my expectations … I’ll write a review on it soon!

Description of the Wire Stripper

This is a drill powered automatic Copper Wire Stripper used to separate the sheathing from #10, #12 and #14 AWG (American Wire Gauge) solid core copper building wire. The use of wire other than copper is not recommended.  For other wire diameters, please contact us.  It is for use with plastic type insulation only. This wire stripper was designed  to be affordable, durable and user friendly. There are no adjustments to be made and no cutters to replace.  The unit comes with a 3/8″ shaft to connect to your drill or drill press. The unit must be operated at an RPM of 400 max. for 14 and 12 ga and 300 for 10ga.

A brief video to demonstrate how easy the Copper Extractor really is to use!

All of our units are machined and assembled right here in the USA. When you hold this in your hand, you’ll know that it’s a well built tool. We stand behind our craftsmanship 100%.  Please check our other listings for metric wire sizes and also multi-stranded wire.

Copper Wire Stripper
Copper Wire Stripper

Guys, once again, if you want to make extra easy money (bit of hard work and patience too) why don’t you consider doing what I am doing. I reckon in two months I already have a few thousand $$$ in scrap metal to cash in.

Times are tough in the country and this financial climate and scrapping metal will be defininetely be helping me raise funds for my metal detecting needs.