Scrap Metal Prices for Copper – Aluminum – Stainless Steel – Lead – Brass

It is really hard to get actually scrap metal prices on the internet for recyclable metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, lead, brass, car batteries and others, so I did a bit of research, and made a video on the current prices.

These prices change, so this video is just a guide.

If you are from the country, make sure you tell the scrap merchant this, because you will get a better price!   I scrap my metal at Laurance Scrap Metals  in Malaga, Perth.

If you scrap alot, get a VIP Card and you’ll also get a better price for your scrap.

Metal Detecting a 100 Year Old Australian Stone House

Beautiful Turn of the Century Australian Stone House
Beautiful Turn of the Century Australian Stone House

A few days ago I got permission off a local farmer and his wife to go metal detecting at an old stonehouse on their property, no doubt one of the most beautiful stone houses in the district.

I took a beautiful photo of this house a few months ago, and knew that I’d have to return one day to do some metal detecting for old coins and relics.

So finally I had a day off and eagerly drove out to the house with my E-Trac Metal Detector, Garrett Pro Pin Pointer, my trusty shovel and my sifter and plenty of water, as it was a bloody hot day!

One of my most favourite things to find while metal detecting is old dog licence tags, usually made out of brass.

I have found around 20 of these Dog Licence tags so far, since I started metal detecting, and I hoped to find one today.

These Dog Licence Tags are issued to dog owners, so that if the Dog is found it can be returned to the owner, even today the same thing happens, except the dog licence tags these days are made out of a crappy plastic, not like the good old days when things were made to last.

Well My luck was running high, and just near a old stone shearing shed, I found one with my detector, one of the best ones I have found so far.

1930 - 1931 Dumbleyung Road Board Dog Licence Tag
1930 - 1931 Dumbleyung Road Board Dog Licence Tag

If you click on the image to the right, you’ll see a bigger and better photo.

This is the first of these tags I have found with a clover leaf design, usually most of the tags I find are in a triangular shape.

I also found a another dog tag just the other day, this one was also really nice, another unique design, and this tag originating from Wagin, some 40km away from Dumbleyung.

I spent around 4 hours at the old house, it was a really good day, nice and peaceful, just how I like it.

I found some really nice coins, and found my first English Farthing, dated 1926.

I also found some pennys, a couple of six pence coins, some nice buckles and other interesting things.

As well as that, I also found a really nice old bottle dump, basically a big pile of dirt, but plenty of signs of really old Marble Bottles, Codds, and other rare bottles… I just wish I had a bobcat or a dingo, if I had one of those, I could get underneath the soil to get the good bottles.

I am actually thinking about hiring one from a local bloke for the day, $250 a day he charges.

Feel free to watch the YouTube Video I made of the day below.

Removing Tightly Sewn Copper Wire from Motors & Alternators

I know this is not metal detecting related, but I thought I would put up a video on how to remove copper wire from old electric motors and alternators so you can make a bit of money from scrap metal.

I have been collecting scrap metal for a few months now, mainly from the local rubbish dump, I have made $1000 from the last lot I sold, and now from all the scrap I have collected over the last couple of months, I am hoping to put it towards some scuba diving gear, so I can extend my metal detecting services to full under water searches. 

Please feel free to watch the video I have made.