Scrap Metal Prices for Copper – Aluminum – Stainless Steel – Lead – Brass

It is really hard to get actually scrap metal prices on the internet for recyclable metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, lead, brass, car batteries and others, so I did a bit of research, and made a video on the current prices.

These prices change, so this video is just a guide.

If you are from the country, make sure you tell the scrap merchant this, because you will get a better price!   I scrap my metal at Laurance Scrap Metals  in Malaga, Perth.

If you scrap alot, get a VIP Card and you’ll also get a better price for your scrap.

6 thoughts on “Scrap Metal Prices for Copper – Aluminum – Stainless Steel – Lead – Brass”

  1. Thats great, I didnt realise how much I could get for the scrap just lying around on my property and all to often put out for collection.

    Thanks for making the video.

  2. Thank you very much for putting the effort into producing this very informative video clip – well done.

  3. Thank you, a great help ..I found this information good as to what else to save like power cords etc..never thought of that…thank you for the time and effort in making this available

  4. I wanna start collecting scrap metal and would like to know what the minimal prices for scrap metal would be.. what is the minimal weight of iron copper, aluminium etc I can sell. I entend to start off my own business collectin scrap, using a one tonner ute.

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