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Big Dig – 100 Year Old Dump – First Bicycle Number Plate – WW2 Pin – Coins etc

Big Dig – 100 Year Old Dump – First Bicycle Number Plate – WW2 Pin – Coins etc

Tumbling Results – Military Badges – Buttons – Buckles – Shotgun Head Stamps – Oil Lantern Knobs

Tumbling Results – Military Badges – Buttons – Buckles – Shotgun Head Stamps – Oil Lantern Knobs


Extreme Trash’y Iron’y Metal Detecting – Old Rubbish Dump – Garrett AT Pro Tips – Part 1

Extreme Trash’y Iron’y Metal Detecting – Old Rubbish Dump – Garrett AT Pro Tips – Part 1

Guys, you need to be extremely patient when metal detecting … always … in this video I am metal detecting a small area which is loaded with iron, old horse shoes, tins, copper, brass, aluminum lids, etc so if you really want to find stuff, you need to be patient, same goes for watching this video

The Garrett AT Pro Settings I use when in most environments inclluding High Trash area as as follows:

Ground Balance First
1. Pro Mode – Coins
2. Iron Audio On
3. Sensitivity around 3 Notches down from the Right

My Antique Bottle Collection, Old Relic, Australiana and Metal Detecting Display Pt 1

Metal Detecting and Catching Tadpoles

A while back I got permission off one of my farmer friends to go and do some metal detecting on their property, which had a beautiful old stone turn of the century Australian Farmhouse on it.

When I arrived I honestly thought that I would have a field day at this place, meaning that I would find plenty of old coins, relics and little treasures.

But I had no real luck, I only managed to find one old australian penny.

But in any case I had a great day and I managed to catch some tadpoles for my tadpole ponds in my yard.

I am a huge fan of frogs and I have quite a few different species on frogs in my garden, some common and some rare!

Besides find the coin, and catching the tadpoles, I also found some nice old bottles, so that topped the day off for me!

My Post Office in Dumbleyung & My Metal Detecting – Relic & Antique Bottle Display

Now that I am getting familar with YouTube.com I thought that I would make a video about my normal workplace at the Dumbleyung Post Office in Western Australia.   My Business partner Natalie and I bought the Post Office around 12 months ago, done alot of renovations, painting, re-arranging (much to some peoples dislike!)

I also have all of my good antique bottles on display, as well as most of my good metal detecting finds.

Please allow me to give you a tour of my Post Office…


Metal Detecting Perth’s Swan River

18 CT Ladies Gold and Diamond Ring - Water Find
18 CT Ladies Gold and Diamond Ring - Swan River Metal Detecting Find

Recently I have not had much time to do any metal detecting, as my partner and I have just bought a Post Office and News Agency in my rural town in the Great Southern of Western Australia, Dumbleyung. We have been very busy doing some training courses in Perth.

Swan River Metal Detecting Finds
Swan River Metal Detecting Finds

But last week I found the time whilst I was in Perth to head down to the Swan River for a few hours to do a bit of treasure hunting on the sandy banks of the Swan River.

Mens Silver Ring as I found it
Mens Silver Ring as I found it

I decided to find a new metal detecting spot, so I had a look through my Street Directory and I found a nice little spot where there would be a good chance to find some rings, relics  and coins, an area which has been well used by people for the last 100 years or more.

I have uploaded photos of what I found that day and evening, and also before and after photos after I have cleaned my finds, such as the Silver Ring above and below.

Mens Silver Ring - after Electrolsys Cleaning
Mens Silver Ring - after Electrolsys Cleaning

The place when I went metal detecting, was Clarkson Reserve on the Maylands Foreshore.

When I was there, I met a curious lady who asked me what I was doing. Her name was Jenny Seaton, a media, radio and television personality who currently has her own program on Curtin FM a radio station broadcasting in the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia.

Beautiful Art Deco Broach
Beautiful Art Deco Broach

So today she is going to interview me on the radio, so thats a bit exciting and a first for me.

I told Jenny I would post photos of the items I found that night for her listeners to look at.

I found some great items, especially the Ladies 18ct Gold and Diamond Ring, which I found in about 3 foot of water. And also the Mens Silver Wave Ring which was in about the same depth.

So here is what I found on the evening I met Jenny on the Swan.

If your interested in seeing what I have recently found, please go to my other website Metal Detecting Photos or just click on the links below.

Favourite Finds

Other Finds

Have you lost your Ring or any Gold, Silver Item of Value?

If you have lost any Jewellery or Rings recently at any Perth Beaches, Swan River, Parks, Playgrounds or at your home in the garden, please get in quick and book me to hopefully find your Lost Jewellery

If I can’t help you, I’ll find someone who can, I have some good metal detecting contacts who have helped me in the past.

How much do I charge?

I charge nothing at all to search for your lost item, but my services is based on a reward only if found basis that is, if I find your lost ring, jewellery etc, then it is up to you what you’d like to give me as a reward.

A small fuel surcharge may be required depending on the distance I need to travel.

If I don’t find your lost item, then I don’t expect anything.

I do not hire out my metal detectors.

I love my job!
Lost something?
Call me ASAP – Metal Detector Hire Perth  … Billy 0429 641 788

Anzac Badge Found

Old Timber Australian House
Old Timber Australian House

I got permission from a local farmer a few days ago to go metal detecting around an old house on his propery which is pictured above.

The ground was absolutely rock hard, and I actually bent my spades blade trying to dig for targets. I actually saw this old house from the road one day and I thought that it could be a goldmine for old coins and relics, but as I say, digging was impossible.

However I did find a few coins and a nice old ANZAC Badge.

ANZAC Bagde - Australian Commonwealth Forces - WW2 Era
ANZAC Bagde - Australian Commonwealth Forces - WW2 Era

Proudly worn by soldiers of the 1st and 2nd Australian Imperial Forces in both World Wars, the ‘Rising Sun’ badge has become an integral part of Digger tradition.

The distinctive shape, worn on the upturned brim of a slouch hat, is readily identified with the spirit of ANZAC.

Yet despite the badge’s historic significance, well researched theories as to its origin are more numerous than its seven points.

In 1902 a badge was urgently sought for the Australian contingents raised after Federation for service in South Africa during the Boer War.

Probably the most widely-accepted version of the origin of this badge is that which attributes the selection of its design to a British officer, Major General Sir Edward Hutton, KCB, KCMG, the newly appointed Commander-in-chief of the Australian Forces.

He had earlier received as a gift from Brigadier General Joseph Gordon, a military acquaintance of long standing, a “Trophy of Arms” comprising mounted cut and thrust swords and triangular Martini Henri bayonets arranged in a semicircle around a brass crown. To Major General Hutton the shield was symbolic of the co-ordination of the Naval and Military Forces of the Commonwealth.

A refurbished replica of the shield is on display in the main foyer of Army Headquarters in Canberra. (Figure 1).

The original design, created and produced in haste for issue to the contingent departing to South Africa, was modified in 1904. This badge(Figure 2), was worn through both World Wars.

Since its inception the Basic form of the 1904 version has remained unchanged although modifications have been made to the wording on the scroll and to the style of crown.

In 1949, when Corps and Regimental Badges were reintroduced into service, the wording on the scroll of the “Rising Sun” Badge was changed to read “Australian Military Forces”. (Figure 3).

Twenty years later, the badge was again modified to incorporate the Federation Star and Torse Wreath from the original 1902 version of the badge and the scroll wording changed to “Australia” (Figure 4).

In the 75th anniversary year of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli there arose a desire to return to the traditional accoutrements worn by Australian soldiers during the World Wars and which clearly identify the Australian Army. (Figure 5). The recent change coincides with the 90th anniversary of the Army which was commemorated on 1st March 1991.

Read more about ANZAC Badges

Old House Metal Detecting Finds
Old House Metal Detecting Finds

Pictured above, I also found the following

  • Candle Extinguisher? (Silver Spoon)
  • WW2 Era ANZAC Badge
  • Brass WW2 Era Army Button
  • Decimal Coins

Metal Detecting the Dog Beach

Dog ID Tags and Australian Decimal Coins
Dog ID Tags and Australian Decimal Coins

A few days ago I wrote a post on Metal Detecting the Swan River in Perth – Western Australia and found some great metal detecting finds.

Well a few days ago I was back in Perth for the night and decided to head back to the same location, but this time around 5oo metres from the last spot, a place where people exercise their dogs on the sandy river bank.

And guess what I found? Yep your right, heaps of lost dog id tags, plus around $10 in loose clad (coins)

When out metal detecting, on a river which is used by fisherman, expect that you will find pleny of old fishing sinkers, and I do find hundreds, and they are a right pain in the ass! But I keep them… might come in handy one day  when I need to make myself a new boat anchor, I have many kilograms of lead I have found!

Here some of the sinkers I found on the same day

Heaps of Fishing Sinkers
Heaps of Fishing Sinkers