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Old Abandoned Cars, Trucks, Farm Machinery, & Horse Carts – Great Southern – Western Australia

Where ever I go around my area OF my hometown are areas around the great Southern Region of Western Australia …if I stumble across old cars, horsecarts, trucks, tractors, etc I always photograph them, so here are some beautiful old cars and other machinery I have photographed over the last year or three.

Old Abandoned Cars – Dumbleyung – Western Australia – Paul Kelly Soundtrack – Dedicated to Chris

Where ever I go around my area and district of Dumbleyung Western Australia … so here are some beautiful old cars I have photographed around the last 6 months of so.

I’m dedicating this video to my mate Chris, who died last night, Chris was a real Aussie Battler, both in life and at home… Chris was a long term user of drugs, his favorite was heroin….. peopled looked upon him as :The Local Yobbo” and he was, he even admitted it .. but in the last 6 months Chris had a major change in his attitude towards life, a positive change, he really improved, he nearly got there, he even succeeded in the methadone program which helps people with heroin addiction to quit, but in the end and dabbling around, it got him , He’d come up to my house for simply a cup of tea, someone to talk to, and a shoulder to cry on, now I cry not just for the loss of a mate, but I cry for the loss of his children also to an unknown future.

As Chris Mum said to me today, Chris’s favourite quotes was, which he did also quote to me on the odd occasion sitting on the verandah having a cuppa and a chat

“here for a goodtime, not a long time”

He was a decent bloke with a good heart and adored his children… he was a good mate.

Here is another version I made a couple years ago

Thanks to copyright holder Paul Kelly … Legendary Australian Singer and Musician … see more https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paul+kelly+song