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Lost Your Jewellery in South Western Australia? I can help you find it! Lost Your Jewellery in South Western Australia? I can help you find it!

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Western Australian Metal Detecting Specialists
Lost Jewellery Recovery

I do it for the Smile Factor!
Mob: 0448 nil phone atm

Please TEXT or EMAIL Me if I don’t answer my phone… don’t leave a message, I hate messages

E-mail: I do not do metal detecting searches anymore…sorry

Have you lost a ring? or maybe a necklace? Anything Metal which is valuable to you? Feel free to contact me, if you need someone to find your lost valuable or treasured item.

How much do I charge?

I charge nothing at all to search for your lost item, but my services is based on a reward only if found basis that is, if I find your lost ring, jewellery etc, then it is up to you what you’d like to give me as a reward.

If I don’t find your lost item, then I don’t expect anything.

I do not hire out my metal detectors.

I specialise in finding your Lost Jewellery in all areas of Western Australia – Country and Metro areas.

Succesful Metal Detecting Day on a Western Australian Beach - Mens Diamond Ring Someones Unclaimed Very Beautiful 9 Diamond Mens Ring I Found!

More Info:

I am available to all areas of Western Australia to a certain degree.

Recovery of your lost jewellery will depend on the following points listed below…

What I need to know:

1. Weather Conditions – especially wind and stormy weather conditions.

2. Water and Tidal Movements

3. Depth of water you lost your jewellery in. I only shallow detect to around 2m

4.  Whether you keep your lost jewellery a secret and not blurt it out to passing or curious people.

5. Do you know the exact or approximate place you lost your Ring or Jewellery piece?

6. The sooner you let me know, the quicker we may be able to find it.

7. There are other things also which I may need to ask you.

Success will depend on you getting in touch with me as soon as possible, if you lost your item at the beach it will depend on weather, tides and if you lost your Ring or Watch etc under water or on the sand.

I specialise in Shallow Water Metal Detecting and Land Metal Detecting.

Shallow Water Examples

Beach Metal Detecting Recovery

Lake Metal Detecting Recovery

Estuary Metal Detecting Recovery

River Metal Detecting Recovery

Dam Metal Detecting Recovery

Pond Metal Detecting Recovery

Land Examples

House and Land Metal Detecting Recovery

Backyard Metal Detecting Recovery (Forgotten Buried Lifesavings by elderly and alzheimers affected people)

Garden Metal Detecting Recovery

Ghosttown Metal Detecting Recovery

Picnic Spot Metal Detecting Recovery

Kids Playground Metal Detecting Recovery

Perth Area and Rural Western Australia examples for searching for your lost Jewellry

Scarborough Beach, Trigg Beach, Leighton Beach, Rockingham Beach, South Beach, Swan River, Kings Park, North Beach,  Swanbourne Beach, Mindarie, Fremantle Beach, Mandurah, Busselton, Margaret River, Albany, Augusta etc

I go Metal Detecting every couple days usually, and I have found many many pieces of Jewellery, Coins, Rings, Gold and Silver pieces. Just see my Metal Detecting Finds Photos

Your cost for this service?

My Professional Lost Jewellery Recovery Service is based a “Reward Only Service” what the item is worth to you and what you would offer as a ”Reward” to have it found.

So for example if you Lost your precious Wedding ring that was passed down to you by your Mother’s Mother … how much would you offer as a reward for finding it? $200, $500, $1000, $2000? Thats up to you, I do not want to put you on the spot, I would rather find your lost ring and put that smile back on your face, and then you can decide how much you will reward me!

However I must cover my fuel expense to make it out to you, regardless if its found or not. I will provide a Two Fuel Receipts when I meet you, the first will be from when I left my home, and the second will be when I fill my vehicle up at the search destination.

Depending on the destination I leave from, the cost of my travel could vary, but as an example it could be anywhere between $100 and $150 on average for me to come to you and to return to my destination which is located 300km South East of Perth.

But don’t let that turn you off, I am 3 hours away, and that is not that far … but if your lucky I may already be in the Metro area or where ever you live!

I enoy blogging on this website also, so I can catalogue all of my finds on the internet for myself, friends, and visitors to see what I find on my adventures through out parts of Western Australia on my Treasure Hunting trips as well as the added bonus of helping others find their precious lost jewellery.


I will  help find your precious jewellery including rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, toerings, house keys, car keys and even valuable coins and treasure your grandparents or parents may have buried in the backyard for safe keeping.

Photos My Recent Metal Detecting Finds

If you would like to use my Professional Jewellery and Treasure Hunting services, feel free to contact me anytime.



Western Australian Metal Detecting Specialists
Lost Jewellery Recovery

I do it for the Smile Factor!
Mob: nil phone atm

E-mail: I do not do metal detecting searches anymore…sorry

(If you have friends who have lost their precious wedding rings or pieces of jewellery, please pass this on to your friends. Finding that precious wedding or engagement ring can be as special as the day they chose the ring for their wedding day or the day they were proposed to!)

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